So yeah, I’m still here. I wonder if thats a good thing or a bad one?

Holidays are upon us. Turkey day came and went. Without any fighting, let me say I am the most shocked of all. My mom’s brother and my mom’s mom stopped by for a bit. Then my cousin stopped by with his family. Then his mom and his bro, (my tia, and other cousin), stopped by as well.

There was alot of screaming from the kids though. They ran around, yelled, made a mess, etc.

I’m still sick, so wasnt that great for me. Though it never is. I have been sick since October 24th I think. First with strep throat, that lasted about 2 weeks. I was ok for a whole 3 days, then I got a cold, and still have it. Sucks to be me and get sick.

Then today when I woke up… had some turkey again. Went to the store, but didnt buy nothing. I saw all the people shopping, how nice, wish I could shop. I dont expect much this christmas, cause money is an issue right now. I dont really care though. I would like to have some lights up, but all the ones we have are (no lie here) about more then 12 years old. So yeah, they gave in a while ago. We got a few lights a few years old, but not many, not enough to put up. We didnt have a tree last year, and from the looks of it, proly wont this year…

I dont look forward to Xmas.

My sister has court Monday I believe… more hell to break loose.

If I dont update for a long ass time, well then my net got cut.

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