July 4th

Well I had an unexpected trip to Rocky Point with my family for July 4th. But it wasnt all great… hardly at all really.

It was HOT HOT HOT!!! HUMID HUMID HUMID!!! I slept in our van outside, cause my cousins place was as stated above HOT AND HUMID! I now have many many bites of something on my arms, and feet. So many on my right that whatever bit me had anou poison or whatever to make my arm hurt, and made me feel like crap.

On the way home we stopped at a place so I could get checked out. My bites still bother me, they itch. We were there at Rocky Point on the 4th and left on the 6th.

We did go to the beach. I actually got in, but didnt go far, since I cant swim. What sucked though, was that the damn water wasnt even cool. It was warm, thats how freakin hot it was.

A week or so before I went to see Little Orphan Annie play at the Herberger Theater downtown here. Performed by the Valley Youth Theater. And let me tell you, these kids were great. They could sing, and dance better then many of the ‘artists’ out there today. Hopefully I can see more plays by them in the future.

Anyways, as I said I feel like crap, and these bites are bothering me, so til later…. oh and this will make me take longer to put up the new layout out… things keep coming up… also I notices my counter reset, anyone remember where it was let me know? I put it at what I think I saw last, but not sure if it was past the 1000 mark or 2000 so anyone remember let me know.