Ok… I am pissed off… I left for a bit.. came back, someone stole my Lucy pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It didnt even look that good, but still it was mine, and I made it. It wasnt easy, and some jerk stole it…

I put a huge sign on the livingroom window that reads with a pic of the pattern next to it:


Damn jerks…. next year I am keeping them indoors, and putting a sign, ‘no candy this year compliments of the jerk or jerks who stole my pumpkin last year!’

If I seem a bit weird over a pumpkin… its not that, it takes time and effort to make them. For someone to steal it, its like stealing a drawing of mine. I did take pics of it, but none where that good, Iwas going to take more pics when I got home… and it was GONE.