One Tree Hill – Lucas and Peyton Out?

Ok this is what’s gonna happen, at least what I think if the rumors are true about CMM and Hilary not coming back.

1) Peyton does die, leaving Lucas as a only parent just like his mom, so kind of a full circle type of thing, which I think is very possible, and the description for next weeks ep is that Karen makes a surprise visit to Lucas and Peyton… I think if Peyton does die, Lucas and his baby will leave OTH with his mom, therefore writing him and Peyton out of the show.

2) If there is another season (and just becasue it says season finale does not mean there will be another season, just that it hasn’t been decided yet or at least I don’t think it has), it will be a Naley centered ep with Jaime (which the wedding and the whole dog leash was hilarious).

NOW if its true that OTH was taken over by some new guy and wanted CMM and Hilary out, possibility is that they just dont want to work with CMM (lets face it, we’ve read things that point to CMM not being such a nice guy, and no its not bashing but just life…

I’ve read things that CMM is not such a great guy, but I have read things where he has been nice to some people, but I also keep in mind how he cheated on Sophia… but anyways if the bad attitude, or what not is true perhaps they wanted to let him go, and in doing so had to let Hilary go.

Now its hard to think of CMM being a jerk, because I myself would not like to believe that, SO I am hoping that video CMM leaked is not true, but if it is way to stick it to the studio, fans will hate the studio… but if its not true and he will be back for and if there is another season I would like to see him struggle as a only father, to see and experience what his mother did, because Peyton has just been a annoying character all along IMO. And please no bashing me for this, its just how I feel. Its always been poor peyton this or that, life’s tough, deal. She stole Lucas from Brooke not once but twice, but…

No one wants to remember what a bitca Peyton was for what she did, and it bugs me that people maker her out to be some sort of victim. I think the show would be better without Peyton because of the storylines that could come out from losing her. So storywise it could be a really good move.

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