Job Interview!

Ok well whoever has been reading my blog, if any that is lol, has read me post about how I will be out of a job soon and that I was looking for a new one. Well I have an interview this Thursday, tomorrow at 9am and man oh man do I hope I get it. If I don’t it will be based on these factors:

  • I am in school, will they be willing to work with me on a schedule that works with my classes.
  • I cannot do early morning shifts.
  • I need at least some weekends off, I can work some, just as long as I get some off, I will need weekends to work on one of my classes, which is an internship.
  • They just don’t like me or give me a chance.

I am trying to be positive but its hard for me, not so many positive things happen to me so I am used to the negative… Pay is decent, the listing said they have benefits, its easily accessible via public transportation if I have to go that route. If I get this job and I get some security that its not gonna end in some months, or something crazy like that then I can look into purchasing a car or something and finally learning to drive… yep I am 26 and do not drive… I’ve not needed to learn, I don’t have a car, I couldn’t have afforded insurance, there was no reason to learn. If I get this job and its a long term thing then its something I can then look into, meanwhile I will try and not be so nervous and hopefully do good on this interview.

I have set so many things on hold because of the stress of being out of a job soon. I’ve not been able to work on my Android font pack, I’ve not been able to concentrate on site stuff, I’ve been stressing on my credit card payments and my monthly bills, stressing on how long the money I do have will last me so I can keep paying my bills for a bit, one of my cards, if not paid off by the end of the promotional APR I get ALL THE INTERESTED ADDED ON!!! The interest is like 27% or some ridiculous number like that.

Well wish me luck for Thur! Meanwhile I think I will take one day and relax. I can’t go to work today for my normal shift and was thinking of going to a later shift but that might not be possible either due to some family stuff, (today’s my nephews birthday! He’s 12 years old today! I’ll post his picture later, or you can go to my Flickr and search for Gabriel in my uploads! Actually as of right now he’s showing up on my Flickr section on my site right now, the little boy with the messed up hair and white shirt).

If I am lucky I will be watching Eclipse today as well! Not sure if I can work it in with some stuff going on today.

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