Update on Job Interview…

Well I had my interview today… it did not go well. The interview itself went ok but I felt like the interviewer was just getting through just to get it done. When we started we talked about shifts, well they only have 2 shifts, I don’t know if that’s two total or just the two available, and its not a 5 day work week either. Now time wise, like pm or am time, the pm shift was a good time however my fall classes interfere. Remember my post below, what was the first reason I stated that if I did not get the job it would be because of:

  • I am in school, will they be willing to work with me on a schedule that works with my classes.

Yep, that was it. Now the interviewer did not say no, but it was a sort of cold type interview feeling. Interviewer seemed friendly but after that part about it just did not feel the same. Would have been nice though. *sigh*

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