What have I been doing?

Lets see what have I been doing lately? Hmm? Obviously still looking for a job, its getting dangerously close to the day that my current job will end and its too close for my liking, if I had another job already lined up then fine… but I do not. I’ve missed out on one great job due to the fact I will have Mon and Wed classes, so I can’t work those days, and I can’t change my schedule, not again. I will be done with my AA by the end of May, so I’ll graduate May 2011. I am 5 classes away from graduating, I am not going to loose all the work I put into my classes because some employer will not work with me, there has to be an employer somewhere out there that still holds the value of education to a high standard. I’m willing to work every other day aside from Mon and Wed. Why can’t I work after or before classes on those days? Well the classes fall in between when shifts will be almost over or already have started. Why they must have everyone start at the same time or none at all is beyond me. I have 3 years experience dealing with people in a customer service environment. I have a heavy knowledge of computers, and provide a level of technical support to people in my current job and even to friends and family. I have experience handling cash registers, answering phones, and all that comes with working in a office type environment. WHY can’t I get hired somewhere?


Anyways, aside from that drama my goal this week is to clean my room, its in serious need of cleaning and not just cleaning but de-cluttering… I don’t like to throw things away because as I am about to toss whatever in the trash I wonder and think to myself, “wait should I throw this away? What if I need it later,” which I probably won’t if I’ve not used it in years except at the time I don’t tell myself that. Why the sudden need to get it clean and sorted out in a week’s time? Well due to loss of jobs in my household we’re having to give up Dish… *sigh*. It’s just too expensive for what they give us. We’re having to go with Cox, we had them years ago but it was before digital, this time we’ll have digital… wait we did try digital for about a month and it was awful, choppy TV signal etc., however that was when they were first going digital so I am hoping that they have upgraded and made fixes to their systems so that choppiness will not be an issue.

Ok back on the reason why a week? Well in a week the Cox person will come out and hook us up, and that means they will have to come into my room, I don’t want them to see my mess lol. So yeah that is what I am doing, and will be doing for the next week, and of course look for a job and stress that I’ve not found one. Yep, looks like its gonna be a great week… not.

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