My New Job Week 2

Tomorrow I will be on day 7 of training, and I am on week 2 of training as well. I don’t know what those training me may think but I was not happy with myself the other day. I tried 2 calls, both of which I got sort of nervous and messed up. First one the page didn’t load, so did not see a search bar… really made myself look stupid… 2nd one involved an issue with a application that we do not have access to at work… I can’t memorize all the settings in the application… I’ve set up a system to login to my home pc though for future reference. I am not used to getting nervous and messing up… it didn’t help that I was being watched, if I was alone on the call I would have google’d and done what I know to do, and what I would do if it was an issue I was having myself on my home pc, but with my training person watching me I screwed up… I hope I get better quick, I do not want to lose this job. I know a lot of this end user stuff that happens at my work, I just got to get used to the other side of things and I know I can do it.

Wish me luck.

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