New Job & School

I’ve been quiet for a bit, I’ve been busy. I got a new job! Thank god cause I was getting really, really stressed. I’ve been in training all week, 6am to 2pm… yep I said 6am… hard for someone who is not used to being able to sleep at night but I’m managing and I hope that it fixes my sleep issues as well. The lat 2 nights I’ve managed to sleep BEFORE midnight, which is big for me… AND actually sleep until I need to get up! Also I’ve had McDonalds for breakfest the last two morning… awesome cause I am never awake early enough to get me a Egg McMuffin.

Anyways I am training for this new job, I don’t know what my hours will be just yet but I hope its hours I can manage with school and stuff… which BTW my FA went through finally, they approved my excess credit petition and gave me the aid to finish my AA. 4-5 classes left… doing 3 this fall (I usually do 4 classes = 12 credit hours). Then next semester I will do my last 2. Sadly this semester Fall and next I will have a math class *sigh*.

Well thats all for now.

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