Prince William Engaged

Well its been a long time coming, but Prince William has finally come out and said he has proposed to his long time off and on again girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Here is a video uploaded by SkyNews.

If you search my blog you will find posts (or not, I seem to be missing posts, it was most likely before I went to a CMS blog) about where I spoke of how the media should leave them alone (William and Harry), and how awful their mother’s death was. I hope they (William and Harry) find a life they can enjoy with people they can enjoy it with. They’ve come a long way from those two little lost looking boys who walked behind their mother’s coffin, which I did watch live on tv. It was a sad moment that I’ve never forgotten, as I lost someone just a bit before that tragedy happened and I knew all to well what they felt, and what they were going through.

So Congrats William and Kate. I wonder how long until Harry follows and marries himself too.

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