A1 International (Courier Services) and Amazon Prime

January 24th, 2011 No Comments

Ok let me start of by saying I maybe jumping the gun here but after you take a look at this post  and the following two links I will be linking to you might not think so.

I stumbled across this thread on Amazon’s own discussion boards here:

Thread over at Amazon’s own Discussion Board with over 50 pages and over 1200 complaints!!

AND this blog post here:

Divorcing Amazon Prime Because of A1 Courier Services Cheating/

While searching for more info on A1 as they were listed for a Local Express Delivery I have set that supposed to be delivered later today the 24th of Jan. I have done the overnight and Local Express before using Prime and its always been UPS or FEDEX…. now its A1. Well let me say I am extremely worried I will not be getting my package as I need it for school AND its an electronic item and from reading this page, and the thread over on Amazon’s own message boards I fear it will be thrown out the window of the vehicle, or just never arrive and then I will have to start and hassle with Amazon and A1. I am in the same city as my items are being shipped from, there is a warehouse near I believe, but now I am very worried I will too encounter issues. I will be sure to return here later today, I fear with bad news as well. My current tracking info states:

Date                                Time                              Location          Event Details
January 23, 2011      10:57:00 PM            MY CITY         Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

They start almost at midnight the night before and in the same city, there is no reason NONE at all they should not arrive on time except for lack of effort and professionalism. Now I know this is my first A1 shipment that I am aware of, and I should not insult before being insulted by them, however reading all these posts, the thread on Amazon, the threads on other message boards, it just astounds me and angers me that Amazon is allowing this.

I was given a free Student Prime Account for a year, and the last 6 months I’ve had it I have I think ordered more than in the entire history of having my account because of the fast and excellent service, if A1 is now going to be handling shipments for Prime Customers I will not be purchasing it once my free year ends, and I was really considering doing so. I may no longer order anything from Amazon except books for my Kindle (which by the way I got for Christmas!! I just haven’t posted about it yet, but I will!).

Even if I do get my package, between the people over on Mr. Bowles blog, and the people over on the Amazon board I hear a Class Action Lawsuit screaming to be had and it should be. Prime customers (yes mine is currently a free account but I was planning to renew at full cost), pay e fee yearly for these expedited shipping options, WHICH we still pay a fee for PER ITEM not shipment for our orders, yet are not getting their money’s worth, or even what they signed up for. This should not be allowed.


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