Sad Update

Well my only remaining grandparent has passed away. She landed in the hospital Friday the 4th of Feb. and passed away last night on the 8th of Feb. It’s hard to watch something like this, to see someone fighting to live and see them have to be shocked back to life, only to pass away after that struggle. To add to the misfortune and tragedy, funeral costs… there has to be something done to lower these funeral costs. Its like having a knife stabbed in your back (the loss of someone) and then having it twisted (the cost of the funeral).

RIP Grandma.

She passed almost exactly 10 years from my grandfather (her husband). Both in Feb. Grandfather on my sisters bday, and grandmother 20 minutes from my nephews birthday, and the day after her daughter some 32 years ago, and the day after her friend passed. Insane isn’t it.

One thought on “Sad Update

  1. Avery Brown says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you.

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