Pottermore.com Announcement today!

Today at 4am MT J.K. Rowling announced in a video here:

That Pottermore.com will be an online community of sorts in which you can re-read the HP stories which I am not sure how that will work because I doubt she will allow you to read them for free… speaking of reading she will also be selling finally legal copies of Harry Potter for Kindle/Nooks/etc. Harry Potter ebooks have been out for a long time if you know where to look, but many people and myself included have been waiting… and waiting… and waiting for J.K. to allow ebooks to be sold. FINALLY. ABOUT DAMN TIME. I do find it a bit unnerving that she had to create its own website so she could control how they are sold, instead of just selling them on Amazon or other places. Seems a bit greedy to me but whatever… Now I fell asleep a bit before 4am so I did not get to see the message till about 11am when I got up. 7 hours after the message was announced so I doubt I will be among the first million that rumored will get a chance at early access on July 31st, Harry’s Birthday. The message on the site is stating that if you come back July 31st you will get instructions on a chance of getting early access.. the rest of the world would have to wait until October.

Now I was expecting an online video game of sorts, a magical online Harry Potter universe… so this was a bit of a let down… the book page effects in the video was awesome though!

So until July 31st and people get early access we will have to wait and see what will this truly be. For now take a look of screenshots found online, now it’s not for me to say if these are official or not, but they seem well done. As well as screenshots of the awesome book page effects in the video, but really see the video to see the effects as they should be seen!

[nggallery id=1]


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