Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 Countdown

Well its the last week of the countdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie 7 pt2. To see this movie is gonna be insane, I can already see the lines for this in my head, the theater by house that I always see movies at is already sold out of the midnight showing. I usually buy my tickets for major movies like this in advance but this time I had issues, sick, lack of sleep, etc. I did not get my tickets early when I wanted. I yesterday, thinking one week was still plenty advance but no… they were in fact SOLD OUT.. unless the guy behind the counter did not know what he was talking about because he didn’t seem like he did…. anyways I called the next closest theater that I like and they still had some seats… so although I had just got off a 10 hour shift, had only 3 ┬áhours of sleep that night I drove there on the freeway (which is new to me since I just started to drive a couple of months ago), and rushed over. TOOK ME 20+ minutes to part but whatever… I GOT MY TICKETS. I got 3, one for a friend, my sister, and myself.

This last movie marks the end of an era, litteraly. Sure many people laugh at the name “Harry Potter” but its mostly those who never even looked at what HP really is. It’s a universe, its a story like no other ever told. J.K. hit gold when she created this on that train she sat on one day. Could she, or anyone ever imagine that her books would one day end up with their own theme park? No movie ever has had that happen no matter how big the name, the characters, etc. Perhaps a ride named after them like oh so many others, nothing special.. but a entire theme park, an entire world based on them… no.. only Harry Potter. It’s gonna be hard to watch knowing this is it, this is the end, there is no new tale of Harry left to be told… unless J.K. comes to her senses, this is goodbye to Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Hogwarts.



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