ALF: The Best Puppet on TV EVER?

AlfIf you grew up in the 80s/90s you probably know who ALF is. If not well he was a friendly alien from the planet Melmac who crash lands into the garage of the Tanner family whose real name is Gordon Shumway but called ALF as an acronym for Alien Life Form. Now the Tanners were a typical picture of an American family; mom Kate, dad Willie, son Brian, and daughter Lynn… oh and the cat Lucky… which Alf was always wanting to eat since they ate cats on Melmac. Now you might think so what, a brown hairy puppet, what’s so great about him? Well if you sit and watch some of these episodes you will see that you honestly can find him to be a real believable being. 44267_alfThe animatronics especially for that decade, no cgi, was really well done. His mouth movements, his eyes, his facial expressions were so well done and well look at him, that’s not something easy. Today we have things on TV for kids full of overdone cgi, disgusting looking puppets, or sad attempts at revivals of old 2D Cartoons i.e. Pony Tails, TMNT, Transformers, etc. Alf was so simple, fun and a great show everyone could sit and watch. You wanted ALF to be real, you wanted to think that you could have your own ALF crash into your garage someday. Now its not about the characters, or the plots, or anything of that nature, its all about money. Disney is a good example of this, instead of quality shows like So Weird or In a Heartbeat you have trash like So Random or Austin and Ally, shows full of ridiculous teens doing something stupid for a over the top laugh. Nickelodeon too has fallen, instead of Brothers Garcia (they never really gave that a chance), or Animorphs, or even Catlin’s Way they have iCarly, Drake and Josh, stupid no sense shows. Kids doing ridiculous things, no point, nothing. It’s sad really. They need to bring back quality to shows, not the same cookie cutter kids who they try and make singers and actors out of.

Now would ALF do well in todays time? I think so, but as the puppet we knew and loved back in the day; not cgi. There is rumors of a movie being made, or wanting to be made however not using ALF the puppet, ALF the crazy Melmacian that we knew but instead as a CGI character like they did with the Smurfs. Now it might have worked for the little blue creatures because they were a cartoon and sure while ALF had a cartoon as well alf01 (I didn’t care for it) it just is not the same. I read a article recently here at by Matt Patches that talks about this very thing. While I would welcome anything ALF, cgi is not the ALF I knew or the ALF I remember, or the ALF I watch even today now on THE HUB whom has revived the crazy brown haired Alien Life Form. They have ruined many things in Hollywood, i.e. Dark Shadows, Dukes of Hazzard, The Brady Bunch, Beverly Hill Billies, and even daring to think of turning TMNT into Alien Turtles… when will it stop? When will Hollywood wake up and think of original ideas instead of trying to redo and instead actually ruin our past, our favorites. Same on them. Leave ALF alone.

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