Amy´s Baking Company… STAY AWAY

While I never say someone should stay away form someplace I have not been to personally… this place makes me forgo that. Amy´s Baking Company was featured on Kitchen Nightmares this week, season 6, episode 16. Never… NEVER in this show’s history have I seen a Chef/Owner so delusional as Amy. There are not even words… I mean… wow… she’s off her crack pipe or something. If you are not a fan of the show, or have ever seen it… if you live in Arizona, and might one day find yourself in Scottsdale, I implore you, beg you… stay away from there. Unless you want to be attacked by the owner, by the chef, because their food sucked. I also suggest you hit up and watch the episode, that should be available now for Hulu Plus members, or wait until May 17th, 2013 when it should be available to anyone with a free Hulu account.

In the show’s history, Gordon has never walked away and not helped. He’s been made angry enough to threaten to, and pretend like he has but never has he really left… he had no choice here. She (the “chef” and I put that in quotes because she is far, FAR from being anything near a chef) stated before he even got there that they had “haters” and “bloggers” who attack them and lie about them. She was under the assumption that when Gordon arrived, he’d tell the world how great their food was… FAT CHANCE.

Amy´s Baking Company

7366 East Shea Boulevard

Scottsdale, AZ 85260  (480) 607-0677

I know I should not give them any kind of attention… but I wanted to share just so you could stay the hell away from there. Or go and see for yourself how insane these people are. Oh, but don’t leave a tip… the tips go to the owners… not the staff… who they also snap at and fire for simply asking a question to be sure its the right table. DEFINITELY don’t expect them to care you don’t like their food, cause they won’t care, expect you to pay for it and put their hands on you when you refuse. All this happens BEFORE Chef Ramsey get’s there… seriously watch this episode.

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