My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

bfgw2My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 bares many resemblances to its predecessors, even the poster has the same format (see below). The movie debuted 14 years after the original, which for any movie, a sequel that far and in-between a huge red flag. I saw the original and enjoyed it, which made my decision going to see the sequel easy. The original centers around a Toula Portokalos a daughter in a large Greek family, a large loud in your business Greek family. The sequel however touches on the entire family but also focuses some on Toula and Ian Miller’s (Toula’s husband), Paris Miller. Now just as with Toula, Paris is often told she needs to find a nice Greek boy, so she can have a husband so she can have nice Greek babies. A bit of the same ‘ol bfgwfrom the first with Toula. The sequel may seem repetative if not for the included story line revolving around Toula’s parents Gus and Maria Portokalos who by some mix up were never actually married by the church, causing a rift between the couple because Maria would like to be proposed to again, correctly according to her, while Gus refuses stating he already did that years ago. Drama and laughter ensued. I for one thought that the movie stayed close to the original’s concept, yet still made room for new twists. You cannot watch this film without laughing (well if you do, there may be a certain bone broken in you…). I have not laughed through out an entire movie, as much as I did watching this one in a very long time. I would say give this a shot, for some light, fun laughter.

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