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I need to update this. I will soon. – 3-27-16

My name is Jess and I’ve had a blog or site since 1997. I enjoy photography and hope to make a career out of doing what I love doing. I also like to write stories and poetry (though have not done any in a while), as well as read. I don’t smoke or drink, and a good night for me is a night in which I can relax and not have to deal with crap going on in life. My idea of going out usually consists of going to see a movie, or sometimes even two. Movies and TV shows are something I really enjoy (thanks to DVR or I’d never see anything since I’m in class and at work most of the time) because it’s just like a story, there are characters, there’s another “world” in a movie or TV Show that you can escape to for an hour or two. It’s just fun.

About Site
Typedink.com /.net was started way before the domain was purchased. Typedink.com is what became of my first blog started back in 1997 I believe. Fused-Emotions.com and .net was where the site was before, until June of 2008 when I decided I needed a change. I then thought about what blogging was, what typing was, and decided that writing online is still ink, but it’s just typedink, thus Typedink.com and .net were born.

I began my first website as a place for my writings, poetry, stories, etc, and then it transformed into a blog, and from there well all kinds of things emerged. I have other websites for other projects, etc. but I still have my blog. Fused-Emotions.com and .net served their purpose when I needed them, but as of January 2010 I have let them go, and they are out there for whomever thinks they need them next.

Fused-Emotions.com was my first domain, but it will not be my last. I’ve had it as a personal site, I’ve shared it with a friend, I used it for school and now I’ve let it go. Typedink.com I believe fits me well now and we shall see what comes next.

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