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MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals Episode 1

Ok after much waiting and anticipating MTV’s Challenge season 100 (jk!) finally premiered. Now there were many reasons why I could not wait for this season, two of which are named CT and Wes. Don’t judge!

I remember watching Real World: Paris in which a young CT came onto the scene. He was the bad boy misunderstood with issues, of course I’d be interested, a person is always interested in what they know… and I know issues, and being misunderstood. I related with him and had a soft spot for him. It’s been a long time since Paris aired but I can remember things from here and there and there was always something going on with CT and someone trying to help him. Later on in the challenges it was Diem, who I wish was on this one too, she went home too early on her last challenge, she’s great and should def. be there over other girls that are there… ANYWAYS moving along…

During the begining half CT reveals his brother had been murdered and he himself had been shot in the back. WOW. I had not heard that and felt so bad for him. It must have been hard on him, his loss, but I am glad that he made it through and seem’s to be changing his life for the better. Sometimes it takes tragedies like that to change a person and I am glad he seems to be going strong and did not let that distroy him. I am glad he made it through the first episode! Last time he didn’t, he got into a fight with Adam (his Rival partner) and went home the first day. I hope CT makes it to the end!

Anyone miss his hair though? I think CT looks great with either hairdo but he had some awesome hair back in the day. In a challenge though I would assume shorter hair is better, less complications to deal with the better I think. I love that he tried to put Kenny in his place cause honestly Kenny’s been a real stuck up shit that think’s he’s gods gift to mankind… Kenny you ain’t all that.. its a shame that Wes is partnered with him because I want someone to send Kenny home but not Wes…

A lot of the people seem to think CT isn’t a thread, but during that first challenge they were the first to make it through the farthest and clear all the ribons they needed to in the challenge, I hated that those new boys did it faster, they need a reality check not a win on their first try. Those who think CT isn’t a contender need to take a look at themselves in the mirror because something is not right with them.

Also looks like CT is gonna have a lot of fun this season!


Now lets move on to the 2nd reason I could not wait for Rivals to start… Wes. Now I always looked at Wes as the next gen CT, he’s hot headed and big. He looks like he could put any of the guys down (except CT that is). Wes was a former ASU student (yo! I’m gonna be at ASU in the Fall 2011!!) and had his debut on Real World: Austin. Now I did not see the Austin season because I was getting fed up with Real World at the time and had a hard time keeping up with MTV, but I did catch the Challenges in which Wes was on. I also caught Cutt Throat in which his ex Johanna was on… man I do not understand how Wes came across in the house as the jerk when Johanna and Kenny were the bad guys IMO, Johanna especially. She’s the one who hurt Wes’ feelings, she’s the one who kept messing with him their, she’s the one who was all up on Kenny, she’s the one who tried to threaten him with his house. BITCH much? I hope Wes can move on from her to ANYONE at this point, anyone would be a step up I think from someone like that. I do hope that Wes and CT can keep from going at each other cause it’s just something you would expect, but as stated CT seem’s to be a changed person and good for him, so all Wes has got to do is keep his cool too. Make it to the end Wes, but try and get Kenny to hit you so he can go home…


Now another reason I was looking forward to this season was the return of some of the Vets! Aneesa and Robin! They were always fun to watch on the past challenges so I was glad to see them back. I was NOT glad to see that bitch Laurel scheme her way into getting the house to vote them into the first “Jungle” the elimination round. That was jacked the hell up. Again these new kids need to prove themselves and Laurel has not. Her first challenge she was partnered with Kenny and his big bloated head seems to have spread to her and given her one. She seemed to think she was the shit, and she was not, is not. She needs to go and she needs to go fast. Robin wanted to be there to earn money for her kid, for her little boy and Aneesa was there to come back strong! Because of some “think she’s the shit” bimbo they were sent home. The fact that these people are voting in Vets over the new kids who’ve not proven anything is annoying the hell out of me. The new guys as well who seem to think they know everything and are gonna win… they need a wake up call!

My hope for this season is that CT gets to the end as the 1st place winner and Wes 2nd. And Laurel GONE!

I also want to note I am glad that TJ recovered from his fall, and was shocked when I saw that. I had not heard of that in the online/news world and did not know that. I hope he gets back 100% to his old self.

Prince William Engaged

Well its been a long time coming, but Prince William has finally come out and said he has proposed to his long time off and on again girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Here is a video uploaded by SkyNews.

If you search my blog you will find posts (or not, I seem to be missing posts, it was most likely before I went to a CMS blog)¬†about where I spoke of how the media should leave them alone (William and Harry), and how awful their mother’s death was. I hope they (William and Harry) find a life they can enjoy with people they can enjoy it with. They’ve come a long way from those two little lost looking boys who walked behind their mother’s coffin, which I did watch live on tv. It was a sad moment that I’ve never forgotten, as I lost someone just a bit before that tragedy happened and I knew all to well what they felt, and what they were going through.

So Congrats William and Kate. I wonder how long until Harry follows and marries himself too.


So those lucky thousands who go to go to the San Diego Comicon that I would like to go to one day were not only lucky enough to see a Smallville panel WITH John Schneider returning as Jonathan Kent, and of course Tom Welling, but they also saw this!!!!

The fact that this is indeed the last season is sad, I have watched this show for the last 10 years and to see the final season is gonna be great and sad at the same time because once this is over, thats it. Can’t wait for it to start though!

Oh and I got an interview for a job today… hope I get it. Hope that I like it if I get it.

Amanda Bynes Tweets she’s retiring from acting…

So Amanda Bynes took to her twitter on the 19th early am hours and tweeted she has retired from acting, “I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been apart of I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play,” was the first tweet followed by, “Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem, If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it, I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it, I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve,” and closed it with a #retired. I for one hope this is either a late April Fools day joke, or a really really early one. Amanda Bynes is one of the only down to earth decent young actresses in Hollywood… please do not leave us with the actress’ like Megan Fox… can’t act and only get a job because of her looks. Someone should start a #reconcider+dont+retire+Amanda+Bynes, maybe I will.

You know what… get over it.

Ok so I don’t make it my life to see what Disney kid star is doing with their lives but I came across an article about her “lap dance” video… she was dancing and they slowed it down to make it look worse than it was. Get over it people, she’s not gonna be some Disney little kid princess forever. If she’s lucky she’ll go a la route Christina Augilera and not Britney Spears, and not Lindsey Lohan. Then I saw her new video because it was also mentioned and criticized in the article, “Can’t be tamed.” Again, get over it. She’s almost 18, deal with it. The article also criticized her dad for saying something along the lines of “its what kids do.” Yes it is, just because she’s got a spotlight on her, should she act like a nun? Lets think about it as well, what if he did not approve, he’s backing her like a dad should in the media, behind doors we don’t know anything. Anyways, good for her. Here’s the video. They screened cap a image from the video as well and made it look like she was having some crazy sexual scene or something, in actuality it was on screen like a millisecond of a millisecond. If this is what the world is concerned about, she’s not the one with the problem, the world is.

Anyways, as a person who is going to school for digital photography, I think the concept of this video although similar to others, is nice. The lighting is great, the costumes would be awesome to shoot.

HAHAHA Nick Canon think’s he’s grown up!

SO Nick Canon thinks he can punk Eminem??? LMAO! He’s still a kid who got cradle robbed by a once good singer, now just annoying, pathetic and sad. Spray tan everyday with what was it 24kt gold? Yeah its her money to do with what she pleases, but that’s just stupid and some bullshit.

Nick Canon will always be a joke to me, and to read the blog post that is now deleted from his blog, but you can still read >HERE< is hilarious, because he thinks he can call Eminem out. LOL, your nowhere near Eminem.

XBOX’s stolen, Wolverine Premiere

I’ve had a hell of a last 5 days.

Thur, huge fight with my sister, she’s evil, manipulative, and a liar. AND my bird Data died. Fri. decided to try and win tickets for Wolverine premiere where FOX, HARKINS, and TEMPE POLICE screwed a lot of people out of a fair chance to win. Line was not to start til 9pm flat. Started at 7pm which I was there but eating right next door. STILL won tickets thanks to online contest. Found out Sat. felt maybe things were turning better… got home Sat night to find my XBOX360 and original XBOX stolen from my room… I got some suspects but cant prove it… but they are close to me… ANGERS ME that there is nothing I can do. AND they stole the Wanted Weapons of Fate I rented from Gamefly, so now I’ll have to repay that. Bitches. Also took my awesome Logitech Black Wireless controller for OG XBOX. *Sigh*

Just got home from the Premiere. I did not get any pictures because they said NO CAMERAS ALLOWED INSIDE and NO WHERE TO CHECK IT IN, would have to get out of line and take them to the car, would have got horrible seats. SO I did not take it… WELL THEY DID HAVE A DAMN CHECKIN!!! GRR!! Gonna have to relay on images others took.

DId get Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch, and Will. I. Am’s autographs, Ryan Reynolds ignored my side of the red carpet, and the girl IGNORED EVERYONE on the carpet.

So yeah, one hell of a last 5 days. Anyone want to help me replace my stuff?