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Glee Project “Vulnerabilities”

Today, well yesterday actually since its past midnight The Glee Project was on. Their theme this time was to show something about themselves that makes them vulnerable. I think its the best video they have had them make. It is truly sung well by all the kids and the director did an awesome job. Check it out:

I thought in the first episode I found who I wanted to win but as the episodes go by it gets hard. Each of them have their own strengths but some of them I’ve thought since day one, should never have made it to the show. We shall see who wins… no new ep for 2 weeks though… THAT SUCKS! Announcement today!

Today at 4am MT J.K. Rowling announced in a video here:

That will be an online community of sorts in which you can re-read the HP stories which I am not sure how that will work because I doubt she will allow you to read them for free… speaking of reading she will also be selling finally legal copies of Harry Potter for Kindle/Nooks/etc. Harry Potter ebooks have been out for a long time if you know where to look, but many people and myself included have been waiting… and waiting… and waiting for J.K. to allow ebooks to be sold. FINALLY. ABOUT DAMN TIME. I do find it a bit unnerving that she had to create its own website so she could control how they are sold, instead of just selling them on Amazon or other places. Seems a bit greedy to me but whatever… Now I fell asleep a bit before 4am so I did not get to see the message till about 11am when I got up. 7 hours after the message was announced so I doubt I will be among the first million that rumored will get a chance at early access on July 31st, Harry’s Birthday. The message on the site is stating that if you come back July 31st you will get instructions on a chance of getting early access.. the rest of the world would have to wait until October.

Now I was expecting an online video game of sorts, a magical online Harry Potter universe… so this was a bit of a let down… the book page effects in the video was awesome though!

So until July 31st and people get early access we will have to wait and see what will this truly be. For now take a look of screenshots found online, now it’s not for me to say if these are official or not, but they seem well done. As well as screenshots of the awesome book page effects in the video, but really see the video to see the effects as they should be seen!

[nggallery id=1]


Twilight Graphic Novel volume 1

So I got my Twilight Graphic novel today, it’s really nicely done. Here is a video I did with my phone, my MyTouch rotates the video when uploading to youtube, why I don’t know, its annoying but the only fast camera I got right now.

Melissa Gilbert’s – Prairie Tale A Memoir

Well Melissa Gilbert, best known as Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie wrote a book called Prairie Tale A Memoir. Well I’m on chapter 13, reading it here and there while at work and man does she tell all, and I mean all. I can never watch Little House the same way again. BUT what made me go OMG, really just like slap me in the face was what I read on page 132 about Shannon Doherty. Now I’ve always been a fan of Shannon’s. I think her leaving 90210 was a big mistake, the original, it was not the same after that. After she left it was all about poor Kelly Taylor most of the time. I also hated when she left Charmed, as it went from 10 being the best a level 10 show, to about 5, sometimes -5 when it was a Phoebe centered episode which were all ridiculous and Alyssa Milano was just to me a bitch that ruined a good show because of the feud with Shannon.

WELL moving on, those of you who’ve seen Little House would know that Shannon came on the show in the last season as Almanzo and Laura’s live in niece after her father dies. Well according to Melissa, Shannon would follow her around and ask what make-up she wore, what jeans she liked better, what jewelry she liked, etc. Melissa say’s that Shannon told her she wanted to be just like her when she grew up, although Melissa was just 18. WELL years later when Melissa was getting back together with her first husband Bo Brinkman she found out that he had a once night stand with Shannon. EEWWW. She was like playing her daughter at one point. BUT no that’s not the tipping point that was like OMG. The year that Michael Landon passed away Melissa was narrating a Tribute to him at the Emmys, and when she came off stage she saw Shannon sitting with Luke Perry and Shannon tried to give her a hug. Melissa pushed her away and told her, “I don’t think so.” Well according to Melissa Shannon looked surprised, and Melissa then said, “I know, I know what you did with my husband.” And well here is the kicker, Shannon looked her square in the eye and said, “I told you that when I grew up I wanted to be just like you.”

DAMN. Melissa says after Shannon said that, she hurried away because it was just too Single White Female for her taste. But yeah, DAMN. It’s hard to defend Shannon on that one. DAMN.

Mike Turner

So I didn?t see until today that Mike Turner had died June 27th, 2008. He had been battling bone cancer for the last 8 years. Damn that fucking disease, I find it hard to believe that still no one has found a permanent cure to this damn disease, this and Aid?s. There has to be one.

Mike Turner was a great comic book artist, he did some of my favorite covers for things like Identity Crisis, and Infinite Crisis, he did some awesome covers, as well as covers for Batman/Superman and his company started the online comics for the TV Show Heroes. Here is some of my favorite covers. (click for larger versions )

mtunrer1      mtunrer2      mturner3

mturner4      mturner5

TWITCHES becomes a movie…

Ok, if your a girl, around 16-20, or where that age or hell, any age, and read the book series, TWITCHES, about 2 teen witches seperated at birth that meet later, Disney is making it a movie.

I am very very dissapointed in this movie. It will star Tia and Tamera Mowry (Sister,Sister) as Alex, and Cam. First of all in the movie they will be 21 when they meet. HELLO T BEFORE THE WITCHES IN TWITCHES STANDS FOR TEEN!! Not Twnety year old.

So far I dont see a listing for the brother… but if they do, and its Taj Mowry I will so be pissed off.

I had heard there was a possiblity of a movie, when the books were still coming out, but just a little rumor of a possible movie, until today I heard on the Disney Channel TWITCHES coming in October, so I searched around, and found this:


Another thing Disney will ruin.

New Layout & Sad News

Ok here is my new layout. Inspired by a Robin comic I read the other day. I am now reading comics. Got into comics few months ago. Reading some series’ that are over now, and some new and current ones as well.

Teen Titans v3
Outsiders v3
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Runaways v2 (already finished v1)

PLUS got many many more I need to start reading.

Some sad news. Hacker died. My black cat. I dont know how, why, but April 1st I found her dead in the morning. Travieso has some weird hair loss on his nose, so that has me worried. I cant take him to the vet cause I dont have the money for it.

I miss my cat 🙁 I was looking at pics of her as a kitty, and pics of her I had, which are many, and I get really sad. I dont know what happened, cause she was fine.

If anyone has a cat, thats had them have hair loss on their nose, and you know what that is, let me know please.

I feel so bad that she’s dead. She was my first cat, and she was only about 2 years old.

Travieso will be 1 April 21st.

The 13th was the 8 year anniversary of my grandpa’s death. The event in my life that chaged me forever, and not for the best. I miss him alot, everyday, like if he had just died. I dont know if thats healthy or not, to have not gotten passes his death by now, but I cant. I havent.

Well, anyways, new layout. If you got trouble scrolling the Iframe, put ur mouse over the scrollbar when u use ur wheel on your mouse. Or drag the trackbar on the scrollbar. I plan to update the pics too. As you will see Graphics is gone too, but not for long. Will be up on its own site soon… well when I can.