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Things coming up… & Vampires Suck!

Well I am on day 8 of my new job, its going ok I think. At least I hope it is, I need this job…

Classes start up next Monday for me, I am not looking forward to them. I have a Math class and a Communications class this semester, both of which I do not like. Math is gonna kick my butt. My field don’t even require much math, at least not advanced math. I think its just a way for schools to take more money from you.

Anyways, onto Android! It’s been a while since I did any changes to the font pack I had going, in order to change the font on your Android powered phone, however that was due to being so busy and stressed over having to find a job… well I’ve found one so once my classes start and I get my official work schedule (since I am on a training schedule) I will have a new website just for Android related stuff, as well as things related to Android and its gal fans/users. So keep an eye on for that!

Now if you looked at my title of this post and thought “What!! How can she say Vampires suck!!!” Relax and calm down… I’m referencing the movie that opens today, “Vampires Suck.” Its a spoof movie covering the Twilight films. Now I never watch these spoof movies, I think they have all been ridiculous, and although I think that of Vampires Suck… I WILL be seeing this, no way a Twilight Fan cannot see this, its just too funny. Here is a trailer if you’ve not seen it yet.

The Last Airbender

Ok this movie was ok, it was just I don’t know a little slow. I don’t think this movie was casted right at all except for Katara. I’ve seen some of the cartoons but not much of them. What annoyed me the most was the change in pronunciation of their names.


Aang is pronounced with a long A sound in the cartoon, here it was the short A sound… it was annoying. Sokka in the cartoon is pronounced with the O sounding like a short A and in the movie it was pronounced with a long O sound. That was probably about the biggest issue I had with this movie, I mean yeah the casting was not what it should have been, the kid playing Aang was too serious and I know in the cartoon he is not but I could let that pass, but the change in pronunciation was a terrible idea.

Eclipse (SPOILERS)

I saw Eclipse this week and I have to say that it is the best of the 3 movies so far. Jacob still doesn’t know that NO MEANS NO! He is still a cry baby too. Edward’s patience has grown, he shows that in the mountain storm scene…


What I liked:Show Spoiler ▼

What I didn’t like:Show Spoiler ▼

Can’t wait for the next movie, although I do wonder what will happen with Charlie, feel bad for him… Bella’s all he’s got…

Teaser Poster for Harry Potter 7

I can’t wait for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows to come out, but I am really annoyed that in between both parts (if you did not know, the last movie has been split into two movies) we have a freaking 8 month wait!! That is ridiculous. Yes it’s two movies but they are from the same book, it should not be 8 months we have to wait! Here is a teaser poster that was released.


Karate Kid


I took my 2 youngest nephews, and my niece to see this last Sunday at the Harkins at CTown, we had to wait almost 1hr and a half in line which would not have been too bad had they still had benches to sit, but nooooo, some dork kid fell and hit his head so they removed them, great cause someone can’t watch their kid others suffer. ANYWAYS, once we got into the theater things went pretty good, and then the movie started.

It had a slow beginning but moved along fast once they got to China. He meets a kid that we think may have a big role in the movie but he don’t. I guess they needed him to talk to a local kid somehow (although this local kid is American), in order to get him to the playground where he first meets the bullies of this film. The kid in the middle played by Zhenwei Wang, names Cheng in the movie is the “bad guy” in the movie, and those surrounding him, his bad boy posse. They go to town on Dre played by Jaden Smith who if you don’t know (you must live under a rock), is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. In the images below they are getting back at him for dousing them with some oil or something.



It look’s like he’s about to get the beatdown of his life until Mr. Han steps in, played by of course Jackie Chan, this movie’s Miyagi. Now it’s been  a long time since I’ve seen the originals (and no “The Next Karate Kid” does not count as an original, it was crap!) but I don’t think Miyagi was that angsty in the flicks. I thought they could have done better with Han showing Dre how to fight, there seemed to be more “drama” than “fight” but maybe thats how the originals were and I don’t remember.


Now what I do remember of course is the “Wax on, Wax off,” which I am sure everyone has heard once in the life. Where was this movies “Wax on, Wax off.” Well its in the form of, “Jacket on, Jacket off.”

thekaratekid_wallpaper_03_1600x1200Why did the fighting start? The same reason as every other movie, a girl.


All in all the movie was ok. I know many people went out to see this just to see how good or bad Jaden Smith’s acting was. I do think he could have done better in some of the scenes but all in all he did a great job for his first movie, and it was nice to see (after the movie during the credits) photos of his parents with him during filming, and seeing the fun they had watching their son begin something that started a long time ago. If your a fan of the originals expect a more updated feel, expect more angst, and expect the audience filled with kids for the new generation, and adults from the old generation clapping and cheering for scenes that made them think of the original movies.

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My Birthday & New Moon DVD Film Cell

Ok well I was supposed to get my Target 3-Disc DVD Sat on the street date as guaranteed when I pre-ordered… but no I did not get it. I did not get it until TUE the 23rd, which was my birthday… another year o… another year, lets leave it at that. ANYWAYS moving along…

The film cell is pretty cool, I am a photographer so to me it was cool. I scanned it in, here is the one I got, the first version is the way it scanned in, more of a blueish tone. The 2nd one is a screen cap of the DVD playing on my computer, and the 3rd one is another attempt at a scan and an attempt in photoshop to match the colors to the DVD screencap:

1st Scan Attempt Blueish Tone.

This is a screencap of the DVD playing on my computer.

This is the 2nd scan, and then tweaked in photoshop to try and match the color of the DVD screencap.

It makes me wonder what the real true look was, and how many filters they ran on the movie to get the tones they wanted. But anyways moving along to the DVD. I saw the deleted scenes and the Interview with the Volturi, both of which was great. I soo cannot wait til Eclipse.

Well ok, so since I pre-ordered from Target for $26.99 which was the most I ever paid for a DVD, BUT I knew it would drop and with the lowest price match guarantee I pre-ordered. I don’t know if I will do that again. For Twilight I did not pre-order, well I did… long story short I took it back the next day on the bus, then got a ride from the mall where I took it back and went to get the Target 3-Disc and they had plenty. I thought that since it had a street date delivery gaurantee then I had nothing to lose, I’d get it on Sat. when it was released and not even have to go anywhere… well WRONG, as I said above I did not get it until the 23rd. What I did do Fri night / Sat morning was go to my local Walmart’s DVD release party… if you could call it that. My sister, my niece, and two of my nephews went to Walmart hoping to snag some free give aways or something.

When we got there, there was already a line so we got in it. We were not getting the DVD but we got in line anyways. I saw a lot of people with these giveaway items and I wanted one. I got one, but man the process there, the whole thing there was such crap. The head lady there was a real bitch, & they were so rude and nasty. I did win a Edward water bottle and got the freebee picture and cards they were handing out after 3 times asking if they were going to pass anymore out. We asked and they said, “yeah we’re going through the line again later.” And then ignored me. My nephew asked later and they told him no, that people in the front already had them passed out to them and they have to give some to others. We were near the front only because people left. We didnt have any bags or anything to hide anything we might have gotten, but we had nothing because we were given nothing. THEN I ask again and she’s like, “oh we ran out there was only 100.” So I walk away, then she comes over like 5 minutes later, “oh I found some extra.” WHATEVER, total lie. So rude I’m never going to a Walmart release for anything. I got my 3 Disc Target edition but annoyed there was no Digital copy. Last year’s Twilight was 3 discs and a digital copy, so a bit annoyed they didn’t this year.

I can make my own digital copy by ripping the movie off my DVD so whatever, but still they should have included one, I already bought the DVD, might as well give us a digital copy. I’ve not had a chance to see the other extra’s because of school and work but come Friday I will, and when I do I’ll post what I think about the DVD features.

Twilight Graphic Novel volume 1

So I got my Twilight Graphic novel today, it’s really nicely done. Here is a video I did with my phone, my MyTouch rotates the video when uploading to youtube, why I don’t know, its annoying but the only fast camera I got right now.


I am at work and can’t hear it but I will at 5pm when I get a break.