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My little Smudgie!


Just thought a photo today would be good. This is one of my pups.

Update on my lost pets…

I have found all 3 of them!!! The day of a real bad storm here where I live, I found her at the pound. The people who worked there did not want to allow me to look for her due to damage from the crazy storm but I refused to leave until they let me look. I told them I would sign any kind of waiver or anything but I had to look. I would not be able to look for another 2 days and that would mean missing a day, they only keep animals for 3 days then they either get put down 🙁 or put up for adoption. I had to look. Thankfully I was able to because there she was in the 2nd to last building I looked in!! I told her I would be right back for her and I felt terrible they they told me I could not take her until the next day after they spayed her… even though I told them she was too old. They spayed her and fortunately she came through it ok, but they make you due it, they force you, in a sense they hold your dog hostage unless you spay her or pay an extra $250!! On top of the $156 it cost me to get her out of there. I am so glad I had the money, and I felt terrible for all the animals in there whose owners might not afford to get them out, or dont want to get them out. If you want a pet, please please GO TO A SHELTER!! Do not get caught up in the whole “name brand” dog, or “pure breed”!! You can get a great pet at the shelter!

Pets Missing

I had someone break and open my side gate letting my dogs out. I think someone took my dogs, one was still there in my front yard, 2 were gone. I think someone took them because we searched and searched and no sign of my two dogs that were still missing, and then later that night one was back just out of nowhere. My girl is still missing and I do not know what to think. If they had been still around I would have seen them, I fear someone took them and somehow my dog that was still there got away from them, and my dog that showed up later got away later too. I hope I find my girl who is missing still.

New Budgie!!

I had wanted a budgie for a long time now, and I finally got one!! YAY! No name yet, and you can see him on top of this page. Should be in my flickr stream up there, IF NOT its cause I’ve uploaded other stuff more recently. SO here is an image of him.

More can be seen >here<.



I seriously dont know how much I can take. I am a firm believe on keeping your pets. I would be sad to get rid of them. But they are destroying my room. My carpet is destroyed. I dont sleep in my room cause the small of the carpet, my bed is now a waste. I cant afford to get my floors done. I’d love to be able to rip this carpet out, and put a nice chaggy red carpet… but they would probably ruin it too! Maybe I’ll start taking donations to be able to atleast put that fake sticky tile.

God… I’m gonna need like 500 bucks for a new bed, cheap one at that that, and do something with my carpet… I’m gonna go have a nervous break down and start crying now… what the hell do I do!![/

Meet Kitty

Ok, he has no name yet, but here he is. Hacker my Cat, that you can see pics of her when she was a kitty in the Pics section. Here is one of my new, not yet named kitty, and more here for now. More Pics

New Pics Added…

Ok I added some new pics. Nope, I still don’t have a digi cam. I just uploaded some crappy ones taken with my crappy web-cam. New pics added in “Hacker,” and new Pic Category’s added, “Misc-Stuff,” & “Cousins.”

In Misc-Stuff check out my Superman/supergirl shows. They ain’t that clean no more… but anyways. And my St. Christopher’s Medal I wear.

In Hacker added new pics of Hacker, my cat. Hopefully soon I’ll get some good pics of her, so you can see how she hasn’t grown that much, in my opinion though.

Well got to go, I’ll blog again tomorrow….well I plan to blog tomorrow. Right now I’m worried bout my dog. He’s missing, and he’s a pure bread Mini Pincher. I have two, that are brothers. If one ever dies, or goes missing the other will most likely get sick and die, from missing them.

And my stupid shit head sister is GONE YET AGAIN!!!! Damn I cant wait for her to get gone!

Vote For Hacker!

Ok I got things to add here later in this post, but Ill add it later, for now, vote for my kitten Hacker.


–Addition– 9:36pm

Ok well as I said above I was gonna add to this post.

Friday I saw The Haunted Mansion. It was ok, but not as good as it looked. Its a kids movie, but it had looked interesting, it was funny, but not great. So out of a 1-10 I give it a 5. I did see previews for PETER PAN!!!! Christmas day it opens, so does Cheaper By The Dozen with Tom Welling (Clark on Smallville), and Ashton Kutcher. So if I can manage to get 8 bucks for Christmas day, I’ll spend it at the movies.

Ok well, Thx Giving, not only did I do the Thx Giving thing on Wed, but on Saturday as well. My cousin and his girl made dinner Sat, since they had places to go on Wed. They did there dinner thing Sat. They invited us, so we went. It was ok. Played some video games which I like, and hardly ever get to do, cause I got no video games.

Sunday I went to Tucson. Went to go see my aunt, and also some some cousins I hadnt seen in years. There’s a picture of them when they were little in my Pics section. In Pics>Old Family Photos. The second, and third on the top row. Thats them many many years ago. MANY. I wasnt even born yet, when that pic was taken. Went and Came the same day.

Monday didnt do crap, today didnt do crap either… no I washed the dishes, and dealt with the kids.

Yeah… thats it.

New Kitty & New Layout!!!

I got me a kitty!!!! Never had one before, so this is gonna be interesting. There are pics in the Pics section, in the Hacker folder. Im pretty sure the cats a girl, and her name is Hacker, name thought of courtesy of my friend Chris, (AdidaS).

So far her favorite toy is a yarn tied around a 76 Gas Station Orange Car Attene ball, tied to a stick. The ball is tied on one end that hangs and dangles, and she plays with it endlessly. She’s tail-less too.

Also as you can see, new layout, inspired by Fi’s So Weird site on the TV show, now dead SO WEIRD.

And to those I am suppose to link, dont worry, I aint forgotten. Ill add the bttns later after Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill.

Matrix Revolutions tomorrow!!! WOOHOO!! Hopefully I scrunge up 4 bucks to see a early showing. Before 6pm all shows are 4, and after its 6.50-8 depending which theater you go to, per adult, and 4-5.50 for per child depending what theater.

Someone had their first court day today. Dont know whats gonna happen, but I try to not think about it.