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My little Smudgie!


Just thought a photo today would be good. This is one of my pups.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, + new 2011 Harkins Loyalty cups.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows today after work. I only slept about 2 hours a half last night and I was really really tired after work but I really wanted to see this. I am 100% glad that I went. It was brilliant, but damn J.K. Rowling, has she no heart?? Read further at your own risk… spoiler warning!

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Well now, moving along… if you live in an area that has a Harkins Theater, you would see the new 2011 souvenir cups are out, if you are not familiar with them, these cups cost about $4.75 at purchase, however all year long you can get it refilled for just $1. If you go often, this cup pays for itself time and time again. I was very surprise that they finally came out with a decent design! The last some years the design has been horrible. I do not know who gets to design these cups, (I’d love to design one!) but as I said, the last few years… many years… its been coming up short. This year they came out with a sort of anime look, which I think is great. Its cute and they have matching re-loadable gift cards too.


My Phx Comicon Images

Ok well the Convention put up my photos I shot and I have updated my Thur and Fri posts to add images to them. To see all the images I submitted to the con you can go to the Phx Conventions Flickr account. I will also be uploading to my Flickr account as well.

Iron Man 2!!!!!

I got my Iron Man 2 tickets!!


My photo books…

My photo books I made for a class final project. They came out nicer than I thought they would.pbooks

Polaroid Pogo!

I cannot wait to get my Pogo, $50 with 80 photo sheets. I bought it after I saw this video.

Contest for cool Camera Bag!

So are you in need of a new camera bag? Check this contest out >HERE< to enter for a chance to win a Wicked Design camera bag.

Holga 120N

So I have been following stuff on the Holga for the last year or so, and finally decided to get one. I know, shouldn’t have spent the money on a camera when I have a Rebel XTi, BUT have you seen some of the images taken by a Holga? The biggest issue I think I’ll have is getting the film scanned. I want to shoot some sprocket photography, I saw some on filckr and just couldn’t wait to do that myself. If you don’t know what a Holga is go >HERE<. Also once your at that site, check out the 35mm section to see what sprocket photography is. Since Holga is a medium format camera it was made to shoot 120 film which is taller then 35mm. So when using 35mm with a Holga it takes the image on the ENTIRE film. Can’t wait to get it.