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Accomplishments… or are they?

Well today I recieved my College Degree’s in the mail. It takes them FOREVER to mail them to you once you graduate. I graduated with 2 Associate Degree’s both with Highest Distinctions and awcknowedgement that I am a PTK member (Honor Society not sorority!). When I got them and opened them up I had some mixed emotions… it was like, “ok cool,” yet at the same time it was “this is it, these pieces of paper after all that work…”

Then I started to think I’m about to do it all over again this time at a University to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Am I nuts??!! What worries me is all this work I am doing, all this hard work I am putting in, this debt I will be in once I finish ASU… what if it in the end doesn’t pay off, what if it’s for nothing? What if I am making a huge mistake.

Why can’t I ever be glad? Happy? Feel like I accomplished something?

Oh well… hopefully things will feel differently when I start ASU in a month or so.

Written response to New Threats to Freedom….

Is there a lot of red tape around these days? This is something that Max Borders discusses in the video clip (here) on “our compulsive urge to regulate” i.e. society’s many rules (otherwise known as more ways to take money from you).

Max talks about how he and his wife wanted to sell BBQ sauce at a farmers market but were shut down cold. Well technically they could have… for a price. The County needed a home inspection, they needed a business license, insurance, etc. to sell homemade BBQ sauce (remember I Love Lucy episode #79 “The Million Dollar Idea”?) I understand the inspection from the health dept. but license and insurance? Do counties, cities, not remember when little girls and boys put up lemonade stands? Well yes, but they do not care; they try to get money from them too. I remember in the news not too long ago, a little girl was told to put away her stand and not sell her lemonade because she did not have a license. How will our society grow, and thrive with these regulations, these laws that push us down? How are kids going to learn and educate themselves and prepare for the future? A child who is trying to earn money at age 7 by working hard is someone who will grow up knowing that hard work pays off, instead of “the man keeping you down,” and winding up on welfare.

Max has it right; we need the consumers to regulate and not those who profit. Prices and costs need to come down so that entrepreneurs have a chance or soon all that will be left are Walmarts (more than we already have). Submitting paperwork alone should not come with the cost of some 75$ + fees when most everything is done or can be done online.

I have witnessed people on power trips make people move from a shady corner selling their ice cream from a cart, to a hot sunny spot because they did not have their license with them. Now these people had one, as well as permission from the head of the place they were at, but someone in the lower management didn’t care, he brushed them off. I’ve seen inspectors ruin hundreds of dollars of product from an ice cream truck due to not having the correct license. When regulations are handled by regulators with no compassion that toss and throw money down the drain instead of giving those a chance to go home and fix things needed, that is a sign that things need to change and they need to change now.

I for one do not want to live in a place that tells us when to have kids, who we can hug if at all, what we can create and not, and so forth. If regulations continue at the rate they are now, we might well someday find ourselves not allowed to eat anything other than Taco Bell (Demolition Man 1993.)

New Job & School

I’ve been quiet for a bit, I’ve been busy. I got a new job! Thank god cause I was getting really, really stressed. I’ve been in training all week, 6am to 2pm… yep I said 6am… hard for someone who is not used to being able to sleep at night but I’m managing and I hope that it fixes my sleep issues as well. The lat 2 nights I’ve managed to sleep BEFORE midnight, which is big for me… AND actually sleep until I need to get up! Also I’ve had McDonalds for breakfest the last two morning… awesome cause I am never awake early enough to get me a Egg McMuffin.

Anyways I am training for this new job, I don’t know what my hours will be just yet but I hope its hours I can manage with school and stuff… which BTW my FA went through finally, they approved my excess credit petition and gave me the aid to finish my AA. 4-5 classes left… doing 3 this fall (I usually do 4 classes = 12 credit hours). Then next semester I will do my last 2. Sadly this semester Fall and next I will have a math class *sigh*.

Well thats all for now.

My photo books…

My photo books I made for a class final project. They came out nicer than I thought they would.pbooks

School starts again…

God how many times have I said school is starting again…. *sigh*, I think I’ll be in school forever, or worse, I wont be in school forever but I won’t end up with a job either OMG. *STRESS* Anyways, this semester I got Commercial Photography 2 (had to wait a year for this class), Ceramics II (I was a bit harder than I thought but I did not accomplish enough to my satisfaction to not take II), Intermediate Photoshop (god I wish this was online *sigh*), and ENG102 online (ironic that I wish this one was at a time when I could take it IN a class… only worried about this one). ENG102 is themed course on get this, Film!! YAY!! One of my favorite things of course, BUT I’m still worried about this being online. I’m also worried about the teacher, I signed up for this very class a few semesters ago but dropped it the 2nd week as I was too worried about taking this online, so now I am worried that he will remember I dropped it the first time…. Ugh.

So not only does classes start again tomorrow (@ PC) but I go back to work too, the start of the semester really sucks at work… oh well). I will have Ceramics II tomorrow and I already know what I will be making, which is a charger base for my MyTouch 3G White/Black (white phone but with a black back). I made one last semester but just playing really, this time I will make room so that not only will it be a stand, but a charging base we well. I’m gonna leave room under it for the cord to fit and so that it will still stand solid wherever I place it. Last semester when we had our first day of Ceramics 1 (we as is my sister Honda which you can go to her blog by clicking her name, its new right now so she don’t have anything yet I think, and a friend / co-worker from class, Theresa) it was real slow, he gave us a intro to the room, the tools, etc. but this time since we already know, I’m sure we can just start to build (its a dual class with Ceramics I and II students) while he gives the Ceramics I students the intro and stuff. Well we shall see what happens tomorrow….

This semester…

Is kicking my ass. *sigh* GPA drop this semester is a sure thing. Damn it.

Damn, and YAY

Ok so first the YAY. I got my Holga on Thursday morning! YAY! Ordered it Mon, got it by Thur, awesome shipping! I got mine at Freestyle Biz for about $32 shipped. Just the regular 120N. I opted to NOT get the flash. I can add a cheapo flash later if I want, but I read a lot of bad or maybe not just bad, but annoying things about the Holga’s with flash. The flash is odd. It does work, it fires BUT it fires TWICE! Annoying, so no thank you flash. I got my digital with flash if need be.

I’ll post an image of my Holga later, and whenever I get my film, as I did the mod to make it able to shoot 35mm because I haven’t gotten a 120 roll yet. Soon my friend, soon. I also found a scanner at work that I can use that scans negatives BUT takes like a year to save one image, its painstakingly ridiculous BUT possibly my only hope to get my images taken on a toy plastic camera that shoots film onto my computer to make them digital, why not just use my digital to start with? Because. That’s why.

Now onto the Damn. I didn’t go to work yesterday. I tried, seriously I did, but I got like 3hrs of sleep. I just couldn’t. My head felt like it was gonna go boom. I was up taking a test, and trying to catch up in 2 classes I am falling behind in fast. I got to catch up by Monday or it’s just gonna be harder. I plan to do some studying tomorrow, but I got to go shoot for my Wed. photo class assignment. Sometimes I wonder why I take on a full time student schedule every semester, *sigh*.

X-ray 2 be able 2 enroll @ PCC?

(click 4 bigger pic)

X-ray 2 be able 2 enroll @ PCC?

Originally uploaded by Jess

So I was checking old PCC newspapers from 1968 and saw this add. Before being able to register, new students had to get chest x-ray’s from the mobile x-ray unit on campus. I asked some ladies here at work why it would be necessary to get this and they said probably to be checked for tuberculosis… heh. Sorry about the blurriness, my camera phone don’t capture text to good, to close I guess.


Ok well here’s an update on my school life… which consists of nothing but actual school crap.

Ok here’s a question for you, out of these 3 classes which do you think would be the hardest and involve alot of writing?

a) Intro 2 Cinema
b) Computer Graphics Macromedia Flash
c) Intro 2 Writing Fiction

Answer will be at the end of the post.

Ok moving on… Cinema class, I chose 3 movies as a potential movie that my teacher will choose for me to study and do my assignments on. Gidget (1959), (all movies must be before 1960 OR be a foreign film), Bend It Like Beckham (2002), and Dear Frankie (2005). I was having a hard time choosing 3 films pre-1960’s era, as I was born in 84… I can only take so much black and white ya know.

Gidget is based on a true story of a girl who you could say may be one of the first women surfers ever, who was called Gidget (a girl midget), played by Sandra Dee.

Bend It Like Beckham is about a girl who’s dream is to play professional soccer but because of her culture and parents is not allowed.

Dear Frankie is about a mother who’s written to her son for years pretending they come from his father… until one day he finds out the ship his mother would write as the ship his father sails on comes to their city. This is a great movie, I reccomend it to everyone.

We shall see which my teacher aprooves.

Now onto my Flash class… I learned how to make bttns!! THAT WORK! Yay me! Now if the teacher would know how to insert a iframe into flash… (hint, hint, if anyone knows PLEASE let me know).

Intro 2 Fiction… this is a interesting class. I’ve not only written a story about a potato, and a carnival setting, I’ve read other students stories, and let me say… writers (I included), and a serious imaginative crazy group of people.

Ok… here is the answer to the question.

TUN TUN TUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A! Intro 2 Writing Cinema. Not only do we have to write reviwes, but also talk about focus lenses, angel lenses, lighting, directing, shots, acting, etc of the movie. Its hard… but at the same time interesting, and enjoyable… but hard… harder then I thought it would be.

One thing I didnt expect yesterday while priting out some papers for my Cinema class, was to bump into I use to go to elementry and Jr. High. (and if he’s reading as I passed him my wb address hi Andre!).

I havent seen or kept in touch with anyone from school in years. The only one I did ended up hooking up with my cousin and having his baby, then leaving him before the baby was born which started alot of drama… but whatever…

Life sucks most of the time… 99.999999999999% of the time actually. and the other .000000000000000001 percent… surprisingly interesting.