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Amy´s Baking Company… STAY AWAY

While I never say someone should stay away form someplace I have not been to personally… this place makes me forgo that. Amy´s Baking Company was featured on Kitchen Nightmares this week, season 6, episode 16. Never… NEVER in this show’s history have I seen a Chef/Owner so delusional as Amy. There are not even words… I mean… wow… she’s off her crack pipe or something. If you are not a fan of the show, or have ever seen it… if you live in Arizona, and might one day find yourself in Scottsdale, I implore you, beg you… stay away from there. Unless you want to be attacked by the owner, by the chef, because their food sucked. I also suggest you hit up and watch the episode, that should be available now for Hulu Plus members, or wait until May 17th, 2013 when it should be available to anyone with a free Hulu account.

In the show’s history, Gordon has never walked away and not helped. He’s been made angry enough to threaten to, and pretend like he has but never has he really left… he had no choice here. She (the “chef” and I put that in quotes because she is far, FAR from being anything near a chef) stated before he even got there that they had “haters” and “bloggers” who attack them and lie about them. She was under the assumption that when Gordon arrived, he’d tell the world how great their food was… FAT CHANCE.

Amy´s Baking Company

7366 East Shea Boulevard

Scottsdale, AZ 85260  (480) 607-0677

I know I should not give them any kind of attention… but I wanted to share just so you could stay the hell away from there. Or go and see for yourself how insane these people are. Oh, but don’t leave a tip… the tips go to the owners… not the staff… who they also snap at and fire for simply asking a question to be sure its the right table. DEFINITELY don’t expect them to care you don’t like their food, cause they won’t care, expect you to pay for it and put their hands on you when you refuse. All this happens BEFORE Chef Ramsey get’s there… seriously watch this episode.

ALF: The Best Puppet on TV EVER?

AlfIf you grew up in the 80s/90s you probably know who ALF is. If not well he was a friendly alien from the planet Melmac who crash lands into the garage of the Tanner family whose real name is Gordon Shumway but called ALF as an acronym for Alien Life Form. Now the Tanners were a typical picture of an American family; mom Kate, dad Willie, son Brian, and daughter Lynn… oh and the cat Lucky… which Alf was always wanting to eat since they ate cats on Melmac. Now you might think so what, a brown hairy puppet, what’s so great about him? Well if you sit and watch some of these episodes you will see that you honestly can find him to be a real believable being. 44267_alfThe animatronics especially for that decade, no cgi, was really well done. His mouth movements, his eyes, his facial expressions were so well done and well look at him, that’s not something easy. Today we have things on TV for kids full of overdone cgi, disgusting looking puppets, or sad attempts at revivals of old 2D Cartoons i.e. Pony Tails, TMNT, Transformers, etc. Alf was so simple, fun and a great show everyone could sit and watch. You wanted ALF to be real, you wanted to think that you could have your own ALF crash into your garage someday. Now its not about the characters, or the plots, or anything of that nature, its all about money. Disney is a good example of this, instead of quality shows like So Weird or In a Heartbeat you have trash like So Random or Austin and Ally, shows full of ridiculous teens doing something stupid for a over the top laugh. Nickelodeon too has fallen, instead of Brothers Garcia (they never really gave that a chance), or Animorphs, or even Catlin’s Way they have iCarly, Drake and Josh, stupid no sense shows. Kids doing ridiculous things, no point, nothing. It’s sad really. They need to bring back quality to shows, not the same cookie cutter kids who they try and make singers and actors out of.

Now would ALF do well in todays time? I think so, but as the puppet we knew and loved back in the day; not cgi. There is rumors of a movie being made, or wanting to be made however not using ALF the puppet, ALF the crazy Melmacian that we knew but instead as a CGI character like they did with the Smurfs. Now it might have worked for the little blue creatures because they were a cartoon and sure while ALF had a cartoon as well alf01 (I didn’t care for it) it just is not the same. I read a article recently here at by Matt Patches that talks about this very thing. While I would welcome anything ALF, cgi is not the ALF I knew or the ALF I remember, or the ALF I watch even today now on THE HUB whom has revived the crazy brown haired Alien Life Form. They have ruined many things in Hollywood, i.e. Dark Shadows, Dukes of Hazzard, The Brady Bunch, Beverly Hill Billies, and even daring to think of turning TMNT into Alien Turtles… when will it stop? When will Hollywood wake up and think of original ideas instead of trying to redo and instead actually ruin our past, our favorites. Same on them. Leave ALF alone.

MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals Episode 1

Ok after much waiting and anticipating MTV’s Challenge season 100 (jk!) finally premiered. Now there were many reasons why I could not wait for this season, two of which are named CT and Wes. Don’t judge!

I remember watching Real World: Paris in which a young CT came onto the scene. He was the bad boy misunderstood with issues, of course I’d be interested, a person is always interested in what they know… and I know issues, and being misunderstood. I related with him and had a soft spot for him. It’s been a long time since Paris aired but I can remember things from here and there and there was always something going on with CT and someone trying to help him. Later on in the challenges it was Diem, who I wish was on this one too, she went home too early on her last challenge, she’s great and should def. be there over other girls that are there… ANYWAYS moving along…

During the begining half CT reveals his brother had been murdered and he himself had been shot in the back. WOW. I had not heard that and felt so bad for him. It must have been hard on him, his loss, but I am glad that he made it through and seem’s to be changing his life for the better. Sometimes it takes tragedies like that to change a person and I am glad he seems to be going strong and did not let that distroy him. I am glad he made it through the first episode! Last time he didn’t, he got into a fight with Adam (his Rival partner) and went home the first day. I hope CT makes it to the end!

Anyone miss his hair though? I think CT looks great with either hairdo but he had some awesome hair back in the day. In a challenge though I would assume shorter hair is better, less complications to deal with the better I think. I love that he tried to put Kenny in his place cause honestly Kenny’s been a real stuck up shit that think’s he’s gods gift to mankind… Kenny you ain’t all that.. its a shame that Wes is partnered with him because I want someone to send Kenny home but not Wes…

A lot of the people seem to think CT isn’t a thread, but during that first challenge they were the first to make it through the farthest and clear all the ribons they needed to in the challenge, I hated that those new boys did it faster, they need a reality check not a win on their first try. Those who think CT isn’t a contender need to take a look at themselves in the mirror because something is not right with them.

Also looks like CT is gonna have a lot of fun this season!


Now lets move on to the 2nd reason I could not wait for Rivals to start… Wes. Now I always looked at Wes as the next gen CT, he’s hot headed and big. He looks like he could put any of the guys down (except CT that is). Wes was a former ASU student (yo! I’m gonna be at ASU in the Fall 2011!!) and had his debut on Real World: Austin. Now I did not see the Austin season because I was getting fed up with Real World at the time and had a hard time keeping up with MTV, but I did catch the Challenges in which Wes was on. I also caught Cutt Throat in which his ex Johanna was on… man I do not understand how Wes came across in the house as the jerk when Johanna and Kenny were the bad guys IMO, Johanna especially. She’s the one who hurt Wes’ feelings, she’s the one who kept messing with him their, she’s the one who was all up on Kenny, she’s the one who tried to threaten him with his house. BITCH much? I hope Wes can move on from her to ANYONE at this point, anyone would be a step up I think from someone like that. I do hope that Wes and CT can keep from going at each other cause it’s just something you would expect, but as stated CT seem’s to be a changed person and good for him, so all Wes has got to do is keep his cool too. Make it to the end Wes, but try and get Kenny to hit you so he can go home…


Now another reason I was looking forward to this season was the return of some of the Vets! Aneesa and Robin! They were always fun to watch on the past challenges so I was glad to see them back. I was NOT glad to see that bitch Laurel scheme her way into getting the house to vote them into the first “Jungle” the elimination round. That was jacked the hell up. Again these new kids need to prove themselves and Laurel has not. Her first challenge she was partnered with Kenny and his big bloated head seems to have spread to her and given her one. She seemed to think she was the shit, and she was not, is not. She needs to go and she needs to go fast. Robin wanted to be there to earn money for her kid, for her little boy and Aneesa was there to come back strong! Because of some “think she’s the shit” bimbo they were sent home. The fact that these people are voting in Vets over the new kids who’ve not proven anything is annoying the hell out of me. The new guys as well who seem to think they know everything and are gonna win… they need a wake up call!

My hope for this season is that CT gets to the end as the 1st place winner and Wes 2nd. And Laurel GONE!

I also want to note I am glad that TJ recovered from his fall, and was shocked when I saw that. I had not heard of that in the online/news world and did not know that. I hope he gets back 100% to his old self.

End of an Era…

Tonight is the night, no not a good night but a bad one. Smallville’s 10 year run comes to an end tonight in the 2 hour series finale. 10 years!! I have been watching this for the last 10 years of my life, its crazy to think just how long I’ve been watching this show. Now I did not come in on season 1 (yes what was I thinking!) but instead during season 2. I remember I caught my first Smallville ep the begining of Season 2. They were showing the Season 1 finale and I saw it as well as the Season 2 premiere and it was all over after that, I was sucked in.

Now I’ve always been a DC Comics fan more than a Marvel so Superman and Batman had always been my top favorite characters so had I heard of Smallville before season 1 I am sure I’d have been watching from day 1. Smallville was really a unique new thing on TV, the story before the Man of Steel became the Man of Steel. Now let’s not confuse this with Superboy the Live Action series created in 1988 that ran until 1992 in syndication. That was Clark already wearing a suit, already flying, as Smallville was Clark learning who he was, what he was, what powers he had and how to use them, as well as meeting his enemies, frenemies, and friends and family. This was a show about Clark Kent not Superboy, not Superman, but the person he was/is (yes I know he’s fiction so shush).

Smallville has always been a great show IMO, however it did have its moments that could have brought it down crashing way before today. What was the biggest problem? Lana Lang. This character although somewhat imporant to the Clark/Superman story, just brought the show down so many times. The character was written as a whining pathetic damsal in distress, and even when they tried to make her all tough and fight back it was just Lana Lang annoying in black clothes. I believe a lot of she series was wasted on her, when the show should have focused more on Lex and Clark. The main focus IMO should have been and I believe was supposed to be about Clark and Lex’s relationship before it went downhill (yes it was not the canon storyline in the comics but I think a great twist), not a teenage love story. Lana Lang should have been at most 2 season’s worth of story and then thats it, done and over with.

The hardest part of the last few seasons has been Michael Rosenbaum’s absense on the show. When Lex was “killed” by Oliver I wondered how they could possibly make this go on without him, and well they did. Now MR not being on the show was always a thorn in many fans sides but we still had enough to keep us coming back for more. Sure we could have done without some filler episodes, we could have done without them killing Jimmy, and without them killing Jonathan. Oh also, less Zod, he was just one of the worst longest storylines EVER (aside from Lana). Best part of the show was the addition of Olver, The Green Arrow.

I am not looking forward to this finale tonight, shoot I’ve not even seen last week’s episode becasue I knew that it was the last one before the finale. These darn TV execs have taken Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Firefly and many more before their time, and yes although Smallville’s been on the air for 10 years I believe there are still more storylines to be told! So it’s a sad bitter day for Smallville fan’s and I have to wonder just how appropriate that today happens to be Friday the 13th.

One thing that I cannot wait to see is MR back on the show, back face to face with Clark. This is going or atleast I hope it is going to be what we as fans have waited for, for a long time. It has to set the tone for the future, for the epic future and battes Clark and Lex have, and for the love of all that is holly PLEASE DO NOT have Lana Lang in it!

Well I guess that is it for now, come back later, perhaps tomorrow for my update on my thoughts and sorrows about the finale!


UPDATE: 5/14/2011

Well it’s over, Smallville is now gone but certainly will not be forgotten. The 2 hour finale was just not long enough for me it was left wanting more. The begining half of the 2 hour finale focused on Clark and Lois getting married only to end with them not getting married. It was just a big let down not to actually see them be announced “Husband and Wife,” but I am getting ahead of myself here, lets start from the begining.

Chloe & Her Son

Chloe… oh how many people thought she’d get the axe and look at her going strong into the finale and being the first person we see! Take that Lana Lang! We start 7 years into the future with Chloe reading a Smallville comic to a little cute blond boy, its obvious he is her son. As she reads the comic we are taken back 7 years into the past to the current time it should be and then our finale ep really gets going.

I loved that they showed Chloe in the future finally happy, finally having a family. Many people did not like her character, did not like that the wirters/producers created a new character, someone not in the Superman comics, but I always liked her, I always thought she brought something extra to the show, and the little boy ADORABLE!

Gold Kryptonite Wedding RingsOnce the ep starts we get Lois and Clark arguing because Lois doesn’t think she can marry Clark, she doesn’t want to stand in his way and take his time away from people he can be saving. Clark is trying to convince her that she’s why he goes out there and does what he does, for love. In the mean time Chloe and Oliver are setting things up at the church for the wedding where Oliver shows Chloe the rings he picked up for Clark and Lois. Two nice looking gold rings… too bad they are Gold Kryptonite! Remember Oliver was marked by Darkside, he has falled under their control without even knowing it. They know that Gold K takes away Clark’s powers so that is what they planned in order to stop Clark from trying to defeat Darkside.

Later on we see Martha Kent (which had she not been there it would have meant heads would need to roll!) at the farm. Clark and Lois did end up selling the house, boxes are packed and Martha is upset. She tells Clark she gave him the deed to the farm in order for him and Lois to start a life, a home there. Clark things he needs to let his past go to be the man he needs to become in the future. In the ghostly background Jonathan Kent is there (glad he was there too!!! Heads are safe!). Jonathan is teary eyed watching his son basically trying to let go of things, of him.

During all this Chloe is still trying to get Lois to come to her senses in which she does, but then Clark thinks perhaps she is right. Drama!! However none the less they do end up at the alter… while Tess is being kidnapped after finding out Oliver shut down all the satelittes at watch tower… except the space station Martian Manhunter set up, in which she see’s Darkside coming… a big burning planet hurling towards earth. Which of course interrupts the wedding… after Chloe realizes the rings are made of Gold K and knocks them out of the way before Clark can touch them. Oliver’s secret is out, however Clark’s belief in Oliver breaks the hold Darkside had over him and Oliver is no longer marked. It seemed a bit too easy but its only 2 hours long and they had a lot to wrap up. Such as Clark seeing Jonathan… they talk about the man Clark is to be, and Clark apologizes for thinking he needed to leave his memory behind. They have one of their famous father/son talks and Clark then rushes off to save the day.

The New LexNow back to Tess being kidnapped… did you guess who? Did you watch the ep? Lionel Luthor was the one who kidnapped Tess, but no not for a happy family reunion… but to cut her open and steal her heart for Lex! Lex whome made himself a new body from parts and pieces of the failed clones. This was a bit jumping of jumping the shark for my liking, it was just too… too… ridiculous. Now it did bring us back Michael Rosenbaum so it was something we had to accept for the trade off I suppose… Now little did Lionel know that not Tess but he would be Lex’s heart donor… as well as a container for Darkside in a deal he makes, his soul for Lex’s life. This crazy Lionel cared so much about Lex he gave his life up for him, although Tess had already shot him so he’d have died anyways so take it as you will, so in the end we had Lex Luthor back.

We also had Lois Lane knocking some chic out and taking her clearance badge to get onto Air Force One to try and warn the president that its not a meteor but a planet they are about to nuke… but suprise surprise… the government already knew and didn’t care… makes you wonder if that will be the case some day…

Lois manages to get them to give Clark some time to try and stop it on his own, of course she says “the blur,” not Clark. This entire scene though reminded me of the Superman movie in which Lois is on Air Force 1 and the plane starts to go nuts and Superman comes in and saves the day.. but lets not get ahead here… fast foward to Clark arriving at the charred remains of the Luthor Mansion. He is searching for Lionel and through GPS he see’s Lionel’s last known whereabouts being the Luthor Mansion… now he doesn’t find Lionel… he finds LEX!

We get our Lex vs. Clark show down… in words however. Lex telling Clark how he always managed to be one stop ahead, how he never had a chance against Clark because Clark always had the upper hand. He lets Clark know that great men have alwasy been defined not by family, not friends, but their enemies and procedes with a great speech.

“We have a destiny together Clark, only on different sides.”

“And I’ll always be there to stop you, always.”

“Oh I’m counting on it… our story hasn’t been written yet, Kal-El, every villian is only as great as his hero… you see that all relies on you saving us from the coming apocalypse.”

“You know about Darkside?”

“Did you really think I just read the cliff notes of the Veritas Journals, they fortold of a chosen savior, the light that will inspire this would out of darkness, your the light Clark, only you hold the power within you.”

“I’m not so sure that Clark Kent can save the entire would on his own.”

“You can’t, but we both know who can.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’;t save you Lex.”

And with that he takes off to fight Darkside, leaving Lex in the mansion waiting to see the outcome of the Darkside saga. It was a scene we had all been waiting for, well I had. I wished it had been a bit more, more screen time for Lex but I guess we should be glad for what we got. Thanks MR!

Now here is when Oliver goes and kills the evil Darkside minions who infected him to begin with, and Lois barges into the area with the Secritary of Defence and the President as mentioned above… Clark on the other hand is finally face to face with Darkside… in the barn… talk about taking a epic scene and hitting it down a few notches. It’s during this fight that Clark realizes he was wrong trying to not only push Jonathan away but Jor-El as well. Jor-El shows him as he gets tossed back by Darkside scenes of his trials, of his accomplishemts (i.e. flashback sequence), which I think was done in a nice tastefull loooking way. Sort of like projections onto the crystal’s of the Fortress of Solitude. Clark then realizes and understands it was always in him, and then we see it, we finally see him fly! Well hover… and then blast into Darkside destroying him.

Short but sweet. Too bad what happened to Tess after this wasn’t sweet… Lex hugs her and then stabs her… stating he is doing it because he loved her, because he doesn’t want her to turn into him.. she then says it’s too late, Clark arleady did that, turned her like him. She touches Lex’s face with some black liquid on her hand, its a nero-toxin that Lex had created himself. It wiped out all his memories before that very moement. Of course this was needed to make Lex forget Clark’s identity. A bit of an easy way out, but in the end It was Tess that saved Clark’s identity for the future, sadly she had to give up her’s to do it.

Clark on the other hand is back at the fortress, Jor-El tells him he’s proud and Jonathan hands him the suit. He takes off changig into the suit mid take off. From here on out its a lot of CGI because as we all know, “no flight, no tights,” was in Tom’s contract. At least we got a little flight but without the suit, after the suit was on we just saw strategically placed head shots and far cgi shots. It was still an awesome scene to finally see, but I just wish we could have had one close up, one good shot of him in the suit. Not to fear though, fans out there have been creating digital shots of Clark in the outfit and today I came across one fans deviant art page >here< in which he has some aswome digital manipulations that really look the part. So if you like me missed the scene we so wanted from the start, take heart and take a look at that page. Something is better than nothing. We got our Smallville for 10 seasons, we got to see Clark become Superman, we got to see our characters grow and become happy. We had some guest appearances (Jimmy!) and we had a nice shot of the future. Smallville might be in our past now, but it will not be forgotten. Thank you Tom Welling, you gave us 10 years of awesome TV, and you did a damn fine job playing Clark, Kal-El, and Superman!


So those lucky thousands who go to go to the San Diego Comicon that I would like to go to one day were not only lucky enough to see a Smallville panel WITH John Schneider returning as Jonathan Kent, and of course Tom Welling, but they also saw this!!!!

The fact that this is indeed the last season is sad, I have watched this show for the last 10 years and to see the final season is gonna be great and sad at the same time because once this is over, thats it. Can’t wait for it to start though!

Oh and I got an interview for a job today… hope I get it. Hope that I like it if I get it.

Its summer again and that means… AGT!

Ok so every season I post youtube vids, or link to them that is, of my fav auditions. Well so far these are them.

Michael Grimm – Singer/Guitar

Taylor Matthews Singer/Guitar

These are adorable.

Future Funk

CJ Dipper

One Tree Hill – Lucas and Peyton Out?

Ok this is what’s gonna happen, at least what I think if the rumors are true about CMM and Hilary not coming back.

1) Peyton does die, leaving Lucas as a only parent just like his mom, so kind of a full circle type of thing, which I think is very possible, and the description for next weeks ep is that Karen makes a surprise visit to Lucas and Peyton… I think if Peyton does die, Lucas and his baby will leave OTH with his mom, therefore writing him and Peyton out of the show.

2) If there is another season (and just becasue it says season finale does not mean there will be another season, just that it hasn’t been decided yet or at least I don’t think it has), it will be a Naley centered ep with Jaime (which the wedding and the whole dog leash was hilarious).

NOW if its true that OTH was taken over by some new guy and wanted CMM and Hilary out, possibility is that they just dont want to work with CMM (lets face it, we’ve read things that point to CMM not being such a nice guy, and no its not bashing but just life…

I’ve read things that CMM is not such a great guy, but I have read things where he has been nice to some people, but I also keep in mind how he cheated on Sophia… but anyways if the bad attitude, or what not is true perhaps they wanted to let him go, and in doing so had to let Hilary go.

Now its hard to think of CMM being a jerk, because I myself would not like to believe that, SO I am hoping that video CMM leaked is not true, but if it is way to stick it to the studio, fans will hate the studio… but if its not true and he will be back for and if there is another season I would like to see him struggle as a only father, to see and experience what his mother did, because Peyton has just been a annoying character all along IMO. And please no bashing me for this, its just how I feel. Its always been poor peyton this or that, life’s tough, deal. She stole Lucas from Brooke not once but twice, but…

No one wants to remember what a bitca Peyton was for what she did, and it bugs me that people maker her out to be some sort of victim. I think the show would be better without Peyton because of the storylines that could come out from losing her. So storywise it could be a really good move.

Star Trek Original now on YouTube Full Episodes, and 90210

So I was on youtube searching for a video of Data (from TNG) that shows him painting, when I saw that per CBS, youtube has the first 3 seasons of the original Star Trek TV Show online to watch for free, full episodes too!

I thought that was awesome. I’ve seen a few, I like TNG more, but the fact that if I feel like it, can go see an ep of the old show, is cool.

Not only did they have that, but they also had the first 4 seaons of 90210 the ORIGINAL not the crap remake that is on now, for free to watch too!

Save The Tub! Save Kyle XY!

So the site is still not loading. I did find Save The Tub where you can help save Kyle XY. ABCFamily have lost their damn minds for canceling a show they could make brilliant, if they only stopped with the love triangle crap and got back to the original storyline.