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Breaking Dawn 2 DVD/BluRay Release and #Spottedbreakingdawn

So this week I’ve been to 2 #spottedbreakingdawn events. You find them projecting onto a building the promo for the BD2 DVD/BluRay release and snap a pic and tweet it with the hash tag #spottedbreakingdawn and hope to win a prize… sadly I’ve not won anything. I’m heading out tonight to another one for another chance. Wish me luck.

I am also going to a midnight release party for the DVD/BluRay. While I’d like to get the Extended Version of BD1 AND BD2 I can’t… I rather get Targets with the extra 52 minutes of Extras. Love Extras!

Can’t wait to get it. But also a bit sad, this is the last Twilight related thing to go to… though I’ve never been to any cons and such for it as they were always too far and my ass is always broke… school, work, bills, *sigh* Anyways, just wanted to post about this, its been a while since I’ve posted anything.

Have fun any Twilighters who read this!