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3 Years Back In Time…

So, I had been laid off work twice this year… one from a job I hated, and one from a job I enjoyed. Where am I now? I am back at a place I never wanted to be again, that I got laid off from 3 years ago. I worked hard, went to school, had no life, to better myself to find somewhere better than that job, and now I am there again. I needed the work, need to earn a paycheck. The guys who work there are good guys, it was probably the reason I agreed to go back. It’s just the work itself that sucks. It’s a call centerish type job. People suck. People can be stupid, ignorant, impatient, and just plain UGH. The people who call in… the clients we have… that is what stressed me out last time I worked there, that is what made me sick constantly. I am back there now, although part time only.

I am not looking forward to this job. Just being back there for the first time again today was rough. All those stressful feelings, and that damn ringing… I hated that noise, that tone…

Sigh. Such a personal failure for myself right now.

My New Job Week 2

Tomorrow I will be on day 7 of training, and I am on week 2 of training as well. I don’t know what those training me may think but I was not happy with myself the other day. I tried 2 calls, both of which I got sort of nervous and messed up. First one the page didn’t load, so did not see a search bar… really made myself look stupid… 2nd one involved an issue with a application that we do not have access to at work… I can’t memorize all the settings in the application… I’ve set up a system to login to my home pc though for future reference. I am not used to getting nervous and messing up… it didn’t help that I was being watched, if I was alone on the call I would have google’d and done what I know to do, and what I would do if it was an issue I was having myself on my home pc, but with my training person watching me I screwed up… I hope I get better quick, I do not want to lose this job. I know a lot of this end user stuff that happens at my work, I just got to get used to the other side of things and I know I can do it.

Wish me luck.

New Job & School

I’ve been quiet for a bit, I’ve been busy. I got a new job! Thank god cause I was getting really, really stressed. I’ve been in training all week, 6am to 2pm… yep I said 6am… hard for someone who is not used to being able to sleep at night but I’m managing and I hope that it fixes my sleep issues as well. The lat 2 nights I’ve managed to sleep BEFORE midnight, which is big for me… AND actually sleep until I need to get up! Also I’ve had McDonalds for breakfest the last two morning… awesome cause I am never awake early enough to get me a Egg McMuffin.

Anyways I am training for this new job, I don’t know what my hours will be just yet but I hope its hours I can manage with school and stuff… which BTW my FA went through finally, they approved my excess credit petition and gave me the aid to finish my AA. 4-5 classes left… doing 3 this fall (I usually do 4 classes = 12 credit hours). Then next semester I will do my last 2. Sadly this semester Fall and next I will have a math class *sigh*.

Well thats all for now.


So those lucky thousands who go to go to the San Diego Comicon that I would like to go to one day were not only lucky enough to see a Smallville panel WITH John Schneider returning as Jonathan Kent, and of course Tom Welling, but they also saw this!!!!

The fact that this is indeed the last season is sad, I have watched this show for the last 10 years and to see the final season is gonna be great and sad at the same time because once this is over, thats it. Can’t wait for it to start though!

Oh and I got an interview for a job today… hope I get it. Hope that I like it if I get it.


Hmm… yeah thats pretty much sums up my life at the moment, that in *sigh*. I am still job hunting… good new is I’ll have my current job until Aug. 20th. The bad new is as of right now, I wont have one after Aug. 20th. On a side note, my room is probably cleaner than it has been in a long time, heh. Still got to much clutter in it, but its clean clutter at least.

What have I been doing?

Lets see what have I been doing lately? Hmm? Obviously still looking for a job, its getting dangerously close to the day that my current job will end and its too close for my liking, if I had another job already lined up then fine… but I do not. I’ve missed out on one great job due to the fact I will have Mon and Wed classes, so I can’t work those days, and I can’t change my schedule, not again. I will be done with my AA by the end of May, so I’ll graduate May 2011. I am 5 classes away from graduating, I am not going to loose all the work I put into my classes because some employer will not work with me, there has to be an employer somewhere out there that still holds the value of education to a high standard. I’m willing to work every other day aside from Mon and Wed. Why can’t I work after or before classes on those days? Well the classes fall in between when shifts will be almost over or already have started. Why they must have everyone start at the same time or none at all is beyond me. I have 3 years experience dealing with people in a customer service environment. I have a heavy knowledge of computers, and provide a level of technical support to people in my current job and even to friends and family. I have experience handling cash registers, answering phones, and all that comes with working in a office type environment. WHY can’t I get hired somewhere?


Anyways, aside from that drama my goal this week is to clean my room, its in serious need of cleaning and not just cleaning but de-cluttering… I don’t like to throw things away because as I am about to toss whatever in the trash I wonder and think to myself, “wait should I throw this away? What if I need it later,” which I probably won’t if I’ve not used it in years except at the time I don’t tell myself that. Why the sudden need to get it clean and sorted out in a week’s time? Well due to loss of jobs in my household we’re having to give up Dish… *sigh*. It’s just too expensive for what they give us. We’re having to go with Cox, we had them years ago but it was before digital, this time we’ll have digital… wait we did try digital for about a month and it was awful, choppy TV signal etc., however that was when they were first going digital so I am hoping that they have upgraded and made fixes to their systems so that choppiness will not be an issue.

Ok back on the reason why a week? Well in a week the Cox person will come out and hook us up, and that means they will have to come into my room, I don’t want them to see my mess lol. So yeah that is what I am doing, and will be doing for the next week, and of course look for a job and stress that I’ve not found one. Yep, looks like its gonna be a great week… not.

Update on Job Interview…

Well I had my interview today… it did not go well. The interview itself went ok but I felt like the interviewer was just getting through just to get it done. When we started we talked about shifts, well they only have 2 shifts, I don’t know if that’s two total or just the two available, and its not a 5 day work week either. Now time wise, like pm or am time, the pm shift was a good time however my fall classes interfere. Remember my post below, what was the first reason I stated that if I did not get the job it would be because of:

  • I am in school, will they be willing to work with me on a schedule that works with my classes.

Yep, that was it. Now the interviewer did not say no, but it was a sort of cold type interview feeling. Interviewer seemed friendly but after that part about it just did not feel the same. Would have been nice though. *sigh*

Job Interview!

Ok well whoever has been reading my blog, if any that is lol, has read me post about how I will be out of a job soon and that I was looking for a new one. Well I have an interview this Thursday, tomorrow at 9am and man oh man do I hope I get it. If I don’t it will be based on these factors:

  • I am in school, will they be willing to work with me on a schedule that works with my classes.
  • I cannot do early morning shifts.
  • I need at least some weekends off, I can work some, just as long as I get some off, I will need weekends to work on one of my classes, which is an internship.
  • They just don’t like me or give me a chance.

I am trying to be positive but its hard for me, not so many positive things happen to me so I am used to the negative… Pay is decent, the listing said they have benefits, its easily accessible via public transportation if I have to go that route. If I get this job and I get some security that its not gonna end in some months, or something crazy like that then I can look into purchasing a car or something and finally learning to drive… yep I am 26 and do not drive… I’ve not needed to learn, I don’t have a car, I couldn’t have afforded insurance, there was no reason to learn. If I get this job and its a long term thing then its something I can then look into, meanwhile I will try and not be so nervous and hopefully do good on this interview.

I have set so many things on hold because of the stress of being out of a job soon. I’ve not been able to work on my Android font pack, I’ve not been able to concentrate on site stuff, I’ve been stressing on my credit card payments and my monthly bills, stressing on how long the money I do have will last me so I can keep paying my bills for a bit, one of my cards, if not paid off by the end of the promotional APR I get ALL THE INTERESTED ADDED ON!!! The interest is like 27% or some ridiculous number like that.

Well wish me luck for Thur! Meanwhile I think I will take one day and relax. I can’t go to work today for my normal shift and was thinking of going to a later shift but that might not be possible either due to some family stuff, (today’s my nephews birthday! He’s 12 years old today! I’ll post his picture later, or you can go to my Flickr and search for Gabriel in my uploads! Actually as of right now he’s showing up on my Flickr section on my site right now, the little boy with the messed up hair and white shirt).

If I am lucky I will be watching Eclipse today as well! Not sure if I can work it in with some stuff going on today.

What am I doing now…

I’m sitting at work, online writing this post. Work wise it’s real slow right now, sometimes I’m ready to nod off to sleep. It doesn’t help that I am not a day person, and the fact I have trouble sleeping at night. I’ve been working 8 and 1/2 hour days, and for the next 2 weeks down to 6 1/2 hours. I’m actually getting off work before the sun is down! I’m sort of anxious for my fall classes to start. Marine Bio, Gender and Society, Photo 2 (black and white film photography), and Portrait Photography (Digital). I heard Marine Bio was not that hard, then I heard it was A LOT of reading… and it’s a online class. Pray for me. Gender and Society sounded interesting, (though so did Women and Film but that was a total bust). I also go back to working 4 hrs a day or so. Yeah a lot less money, but hell money ain’t everything… it’s something… but not everything. Though it’s nice to get more money on pay day to pay off the nasty credit card, other then that… I don’t need much right now. Want… yes, need… no. Well that’s not true, I do need for school, books, equipment, (photo classes ain’t cheap), etc. So yeah Want a lot, NEED some.

If anyone read’s this, comment sometime…