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ICS on MyTouch 4G

Well after waiting serveral months and getting a bit tired of MIUI on my My Touch 4G I finally have ICS on it courtesy a awesome rom XDA Forums, [ROM][AROMA[AOKP](6.18.12) Dark Unicorn Resurrected v.1 w/ BEAT feel free to visit that link to get it for your My Touch 4g (Glacier). You must be rooted however, and know what you are doing because as any modding to any phone, things can go wrong, you can ruin your phone, and most def. will void your warranty.



AndroidGal Henna Tattoo (Fake Henna?)

So whoever reads my blog here, (thanks by the way… if thats anyone…) you will know I also have which I blog (or at least I am trying to) blog about Android related things. The other day I took my nephews and niece to the fair and got this for myself while there.

Fake Henna Tattoo?

While the guy told me it was a Henna tattoo, upon learning more I learned Henna is truly only a dark brown/red ink. If it has black it is either got some sort of banned chemical that can burn your skin severely… or its not Hanna… well I have not gotten any burns yet (knock on wood), so I am assuming its something else…. I am a bit annoyed that I don’t know what they put on me, but I really liked it. Sadly its say 3 1/2 and its starting to come off, disappointing… he said it would last at least 10 days. Ugh.

I am behind in homework, internship hours, and I am still beating my butt at work… its so hard going in at 6 and 7 am, doing 10 hour shifts, and dealing with people on 4 hours sleep… but I got to do what I got to do. Got to pay my bills!

What is going on with my Android Files???

Ok so I’ve not made any updates to my Android font pack, using Metamorph but I promise I’ve not abandoned it. I’ve actually started a website just for Android related stuff. !!! Please take some time to visit it when you can. It is still just about bare bone, but I am working on it and hope to get it more ‘full’ and active soon. Its hard when you have school, an internship, homework and work a 40 hour week lol! But I am doing my best, thats for sure.

Things coming up… & Vampires Suck!

Well I am on day 8 of my new job, its going ok I think. At least I hope it is, I need this job…

Classes start up next Monday for me, I am not looking forward to them. I have a Math class and a Communications class this semester, both of which I do not like. Math is gonna kick my butt. My field don’t even require much math, at least not advanced math. I think its just a way for schools to take more money from you.

Anyways, onto Android! It’s been a while since I did any changes to the font pack I had going, in order to change the font on your Android powered phone, however that was due to being so busy and stressed over having to find a job… well I’ve found one so once my classes start and I get my official work schedule (since I am on a training schedule) I will have a new website just for Android related stuff, as well as things related to Android and its gal fans/users. So keep an eye on for that!

Now if you looked at my title of this post and thought “What!! How can she say Vampires suck!!!” Relax and calm down… I’m referencing the movie that opens today, “Vampires Suck.” Its a spoof movie covering the Twilight films. Now I never watch these spoof movies, I think they have all been ridiculous, and although I think that of Vampires Suck… I WILL be seeing this, no way a Twilight Fan cannot see this, its just too funny. Here is a trailer if you’ve not seen it yet.

Android App Inventor

I was reading my Google Friends Newsletter email today and saw a piece about a Android App Inventor… application. I went ahead and read the article on the Google Blog, as well as watch the video which I have included below. I think this is a interesting step in a good direction. Those wanting to make applications but lack the programing knowledge will find this as something interesting and possibly a way to get out their ideas. This can also be bad if we suddenly get some thousands of apps in the Market like the one made in the video below… I am a cat lover but… well I’ll let you decide after you watch the video.

WTF Moments…

WTF moment #1: I do not own a iPhone and never will, Apple is horrible… yes I have an ipod but when I got it, they were pretty much the only thing around… did the iPhone look cool when it came out? Yes… but they went to the worst cell provider… now they have released their 4th Gen iPhone and IT SUCKS. Loses reception and drops calls… a lot. What was Steve Jobs reply to this? “Your holding it wrong.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Either learn to hold your phone differently then you might have all your life… or pay for a $29 plus tax rubber bumper cover… why should people have to pay extra to fix an issue Apple must have known about before it released the phone… Steve Jobs… are your kidding me?? Own up and fix this out of your pocket. This is why I will only own Android powered phones from here on out.

WTF moment #2: The idiot formerly knows as who gives a crap and is back to the crap name he gave himself, Prince, says “the internet is so over.” That remark shows you are so over.

Updates, life, yada yada…

Well I’ve not updated my android font pack which I swore I would do, and I still plan too mind you… I’ve just been real stressed out over the fact my job will be ending soon, and I don’t even know how soon exactly. I will be out of a job either June 30th (Eclipse Day!!), or the end of July. Not knowing exactly when I will be unemplyed adds to the stress I already have knowing no matter when it is, I will be unemployed soon. So stress upon stress, and more stress upon that from being unable to find a new job. Why am I going to be unemployed? No I am not being fired, more like let go, budget/financial reasons. My boss would like me to stay however there is no money to pay me to stay, as well as 4 other co-workers also losing thier job, which is bad for my employer because they will be short handed, just now while writing this I had to step away and help 4 different individuals with something computer related.

Well, aside from all I plan to update my font pack as soon as I get a chance. I almost lost my current font pack because this weekend a hard drive of mine decided of all things to do to me right now, to fail. Or so it seemed, as soon as I got rid of somethings and purchased a new internal HD and stuck it into an enclosure to make it a external HD (2TB) and have me spend more $$$ than I should have being as soon there will be a even more shortage than their is now in my bank account of $$$, and then to top it off… it seemed to work again like normal. I then learned that its reccomended you leave about 15% free on a HD, mine was a 500GB which is acutally about 465GB (which I think is bullshit, they should just market it as a 465GB HD not a 500GB HD), so 15% of that is about 69GB, plus the 35GB you lose form the 500 because its really 465GB, you end up with a little under 400GB drive, you lose about 100GB, total crap IMO (the amount your actually getting, not the needing to leave 15%). Anyone got any reccomendation? Do you leave 15% free GB? Should I? Should I leave less? I had about 30GB free out of the 465GB when this began to happen.

In short I am soon to be jobless, I spent more $$$ than I should have to replace a HD that decided to make me think it was dying, and then seem to recover after I purchased the new HD leaving me out $$$ I could have not spent had it not done what it had.

Stress, stress, stress!!!!!!

Android Files update…

I am still adding fonts to my archive, I’ve just been real busy, and will be out of work in a few months so I’ve been searching for a new one, I should get back to adding fonts this weekend or early next week. I need to try out the newest Metamorph update as I’ve not done that yet, sorry for update delays but I promise I will be updating soon!

Moozone… a promising app for Android phones.

So I reviewed Slacker radio and Pandora apps for Android powered phones a while back and well although I liked that Slacker would allow you unlimited skips, the audio lacked. Pandora had great audio quality but lacked in the skip department… and then I found an app called Locker Sync that let you sync your music from your pc to their website, and stream it to your phone… it IMO was horrible, buggy, and not an option. Then what? Moozone is what. I just found this today and so far it seems real promising. They say you can have up to 500 kpbs and upload not only mp3 but also OGG. Now all my mp3s are not 500kpbs and I do not want to have to re-rip so the fact they dont have 100% great quality, its like 90% and that is enough for me. If all goes well I will be purchasing extra storage space, you get 2gb free when signing up. I’ll report more when I have had time to test it out more.

So visit to test it out yourself. The app is in the market, search for Moozone, there is  a free app and a paid version. Go with the free until you decide if its for you.