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Here are some ways you can make yourself heard regarding ABC Family’s insane and stupid decision to cancel Kyle. We will not even get a decent ending, if any. Here is what I sent in a email to ABC Family.

I have been a loyal fan of ABC Family for as many years as I can remember. So when Kyle XY premiered I was there watching it. I have been a fan of the show from the start, and a fan to this day still. It is a shame and disgrace that you would cancel it prematurley. It’s on a bad time slot, and the story line has faultered from its original purpose to more of a love triangle but it still has potential to grow and to become more of that it was to begin with. To cancel it is a slap in the face to all your viewers who have stuck by with this channel and with Kyle, and to not even be given a proper ending is telling your fans perhaps we should not watch any show on your network, because when you decide to kill it, we may not even get a resolution, all the seasons spent watching for nothing. I for one will no longer watch Secret Life, or any other show on your network if Kyle does not continue, and there are many many fans who feel the same, if you bother to look.

Kyle is a unique show, or at least was before the love triangle and still can be. We have many drama shows already about teens, OTH, Secret Life, Gossip Girls, etc. Kyle has the potential and the ability to be MORE than that. Why would ABC Family not want to take that and make it all it can be?

Email ABC Family >HERE< and visit, and sign the petition >HERE<. The Save Kyle XY site has been having issues as I've not been able to load it, but continue to try until you can get into it.


So finally after a looong loooooooooooooooooong looooooooooooooooooooooooong wait we finally get anothe Joss TV Show back on the air… about freaking time! Here is a page from E online full of Dollhouse info, videos, etc.


Psych and Monk

So I was wrong, wasn’t supposed to be Cardinals and what not… but seemed like it, very sneaky USA lol.


So I’m watching last night’s ep, fav. quotes:

Gus: Do you see a bruise on my chest from from all that cpr?

Shawn: All I see is chocolate with hair on it.


Gus: And they dont even have a Dalmatian here Shawn.

Shawn: Will you stop with the Dalmatians already.

Gus: I’m just sayin’ it be nice to see one in his natural habitat.


Gus: But she’s not dead, she’s still there living among other relinquished avian’s.

Shawn’s Dad:Gus have you seen her since your parents took her there.

Gus: Of course not, she had a rare disease which she would lose her feathers if anyone ever looked at her so she has to be kept in a special mirrored cage.

Shawn’sDad: Gus your parents lied to you, we do it sometimes to protect our kids, your bird bit the big one, sorry pal.

Shawn: Yeah not all pets can go live on a special wheat farm like my rabbits.

Shawn’s Dad: That’s right son.


And next week’s episode they go to see the Eagles, while on Monk they go to see the Cardinals lol.


Ok so last week they skipped Bones… so they gave us two new episodes today YAY!!! BUT they did not show the one they were supposed to for the 2nd one. Fine… I can deal with that… BUT now we have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS!!! WTF is that? Is Bones going to become a bi-weekly show now? Hu? Jerks!

On the other had, the Circus ep. was awesome!!! Bones letting Booth throw knives at her, she was soo into it. Now to wait 2 weeks, those damn jerks at Fox. The gravedigger ep where this guy burries people alive and sends  note to the person or persons families demanding a ransom within a certain amount of hours or they die, loss of oxygen. The first ep this guy was in (which no one has ever seen), kidnapped Brennan and Hodgens. The scene where Booth see’s where there at and runs like hell because time had ran out like few minutes before was so cute… now in 2 weeks (DAMN FOX!) Booth will be kidnapped… but he’s not smart enough to trick a phone out to send a txt message underground. Now its Brennan’s time to save Booth… soooo can’t wait to see this.

Bones Withdrawal

2008 FOX UpFront - Arrivals

Seriously I am in Bones withdrawal bad! SHOULD OF HAD AN EP THIS WEEK, dang Fox (see my angry post below titled I WANT BONES! DAMN FOX). Supposedly to make up for it we’re getting 2 new eps Thur…. WE BETTER. HOWEVER this is FOX, the worst network there is, so I am not holding my breath, but damn it we better!! Aren’t they the best looking on screen couple? Hmm? I thought so too. If only a show could give the fans what they wanted for once, the show would still work… damn Fox.


So even before the new 90210 started up, I had been watching the original on Soap. I saw it in it’s first run but I was like between 9-11 I think, so a lot has been forgotten. So watching it all over again is fun. What I have been realizing that I did not remember from the first go-around: Kelly Taylor! BIGGEST BITCH and WORST CHARACTER EVER on the original. I know wonder how the hell Brenda got the bad wrap. I mean let’s take a look here:


1. -Uprooted from a whole other world compated to BH.

2. -Fell for not so bad boy Dylan Mckay.

3. -Had to fight her parents to stay with Dylan.

4. -Did all she could to help Dylan and her friends when needed.

5. -Had her boyfriend and love of her life stolen by Kelly Taylor, who was supposed to be her best friend.


1. -School slut because everyone said she was, so she decided ok.

2. -Stole her so-called BFF’s love of her life.

3. -Cheated with the boyfriend she stole, with said BFF’s brother.

4. -Got jealous when Dylan tried to move on with his not so long wife after leaving both Dylan and Brandon hanging.

5. -Ruined EVERY relationship Brandon ever had someway or another.

6. -Weasled her way and stole yet someone else’s boyfriend (stealing Brandon from Tracy)

7. -Tried to get a old friend kicked out of the house so she could move in, HELLO BITCH MUCH!

8. -Demanded Brandon get rid of anything that reminded him of an old girlfriend. Seriously she’s not his wife, she’s just his girlfriend AGAIN (at least at the point in the show I’m at now)

9. -Has a heartattack in true Bitch Kelly form because Brandon don’t care about what wallpaper she want’s in his room that she’s taking over and then demands some time away from each other.

Seriously how did Brenda get the bad wrap? Bullshit I.M.O. Kelly Taylor, bitch.

America’s Got Talent 2008 – Ep 2

So another week and another America’s Got Talent episode has aired. From ep 2, I liked these two.

Eli Mattson

General Hospital

Ok GH for the last some years has been going downhill fast. Stupid storylines, killing off characters who made GH what it was. But on occasion there are moments that make you remember why you watch.

One of the reason’s happens to be some of the comedic relief. The ever so hilarious and sweet innocent (yes I said innocent even though he works for the mob), Max.

Imagine your Max, your boss tells you to go get a engagement ring for this lady he is proposing too, then your bed buddy/girlfriend (not sure really how they consider each other), walks in. She see’s the ring, bam, she accepts a proposal you haven’t even given her.

Poor Max. Sonny wants the ring back (the boss), but Max (bodyguard), refuses to hurt Diane. Hilarious scene between Max and Diane, and Max and Sonny, and Diane and Alexis.

Yep, ain’t it sad I’m blogging about a day soap? Well who the hell cares, my life is insane, if I want to come home and escape in T.V., then damn it I can.

Anyway’s, turns out Diane don’t wanna marry him, and he don’t wanna marry her, even though they are bed buddies.

Which Diane refers to Max, and Alexis’s bed buddy as “Bad Boy Bed Toys.” Yep, that’s something I won’t forget, hilarious.

Even more so when they are each trying to tell each other they don’t wanna marry each other without hurting the other, with Sonny standing there urging Max to tell her and get the ring back, then they both blurt it out.


Then the conversation that ensued after. That is good writing, unlike the shit they’ve been putting out lately… I wonder who won what in the Daytime Emmy’s that aired yesterday, I ain’t watched it yet, but I will.