3 Years Back In Time…

So, I had been laid off work twice this year… one from a job I hated, and one from a job I enjoyed. Where am I now? I am back at a place I never wanted to be again, that I got laid off from 3 years ago. I worked hard, went to school, had no life, to better myself to find somewhere better than that job, and now I am there again. I needed the work, need to earn a paycheck. The guys who work there are good guys, it was probably the reason I agreed to go back. It’s just the work itself that sucks. It’s a call centerish type job. People suck. People can be stupid, ignorant, impatient, and just plain UGH. The people who call in… the clients we have… that is what stressed me out last time I worked there, that is what made me sick constantly. I am back there now, although part time only.

I am not looking forward to this job. Just being back there for the first time again today was rough. All those stressful feelings, and that damn ringing… I hated that noise, that tone…

Sigh. Such a personal failure for myself right now.

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